Best Ways to Integrate SMS into Email Marketing to Get Maximum Impact


26 March 2024


Philip Portman

Integrating SMS (Short Message Service) into your email marketing strategy can significantly enhance your campaign's effectiveness. Combining these two powerful channels allows you to reach your audience more effectively, increase engagement, and drive conversions. In this article, we'll explore the best ways to integrate SMS into email marketing to maximize your impact and achieve your marketing goals.

Why SMS and email are powerful marketing channels?

SMS and Email are powerful marketing channels due to their direct and immediate communication capabilities. SMS messages are typically read within minutes of being received, ensuring quick delivery of important information. While emails may not be as immediate as SMS, they still offer a direct way to communicate with customers and prospects.

Additionally, both channels boast high open rates, with SMS often exceeding 90% and email, though lower, still effective with engaging subject lines and relevant content. Another key advantage is their cost-effectiveness, requiring minimal investment yet yielding significant returns when used strategically. Personalization is another strength, allowing businesses to tailor messages based on recipient information or past interactions.

Automation further enhances these channels, making it easier to reach a large audience without increasing the workload exponentially. Both SMS and Email offer robust tracking and analytics, enabling businesses to measure campaign effectiveness and refine strategies.

Moreover, they can complement each other in a marketing strategy, with emails providing detailed information and SMS serving as reminders or follow-ups, enhancing the overall customer experience. Their global reach also makes them valuable for businesses looking to expand beyond local markets.

SMS and Email are powerful marketing channels for several reasons, as shown by these stats:

  1. Reach and Accessibility: With mobile phone ownership projected to reach 7.5 billion people by 2026, SMS and email have unparalleled reach, allowing marketers to connect with a vast audience globally.

  2. High Open Rates: Text messages have a remarkable 98% open rate, significantly higher than the 20% open rate for emails. This high open rate indicates that SMS messages are more likely to be seen and engaged with by recipients.

  1. Market Growth: The global email marketing market is projected to reach a value of 17.9 billion dollars by 2027, indicating a growing recognition of the effectiveness and importance of email as a marketing channel.

  1. Consumer Preference: While SMS boasts high open rates, approximately 61% of U.S. customers prefer brand communication via email. This indicates that both channels have their strengths and cater to different preferences, highlighting the importance of utilizing a multi-channel approach in marketing strategies.

Best Ways to Integrate SMS into Email Marketing 

Integrating SMS into your email marketing strategy can significantly enhance your reach and engagement with customers. Here are some of the best ways to integrate SMS into email marketing for maximum impact:

  1. Cross-Promotional Campaigns

  • Combine SMS and email to promote each other, providing incentives for subscribers to engage with both channels.

  • Send an email with a CTA encouraging subscribers to opt-in for exclusive SMS offers, and reciprocate by sending SMS messages prompting recipients to check their email for further details.

Email Example:

Don't miss out on our exclusive SMS offers! Click here to opt-in and receive 10% off your next purchase.

SMS Example:

Hi there! You've opted in for our SMS offers. Enjoy 10% off your next purchase with code SMS10. Happy shopping!

Main Benefits: Increases overall engagement across channels, expands reach, and encourages subscribers to stay connected through multiple touchpoints.

  1. SMS Reminders for Email Content

  • Use SMS to remind subscribers about important emails they may have missed or to alert them of time-sensitive offers.

  • After sending an informative email about a limited-time sale, follow up with an SMS reminder a few hours before the sale ends, urging subscribers to take advantage of the offer.

Email Example:

Last Chance! Our sale ends tonight. Shop now and save big!

SMS Example:

Sale alert! Our sale ends tonight. Use code SAVE10 for an extra 10% off. Shop now: [Link].

Main Benefits: Boosts email open rates and conversion rates by providing timely reminders, enhancing customer experience, and reinforcing brand messaging.

  1. Personalized SMS Follow-Ups

  • Send personalized SMS messages based on subscriber behavior or email interactions to nurture leads or encourage specific actions.

  • After sending an email with product recommendations, follow up with SMS messages highlighting similar products or offering a discount on items they showed interest in.

Email Example:

Based on your recent purchase, here are some product recommendations you might like.

SMS Example:

Hi [Name], we noticed you liked [Product]. Check out similar items and enjoy 15% off today only: [Link].

Main Benefits: Increases customer engagement and loyalty by delivering relevant content, improves conversion rates through targeted messaging, and enhances the overall customer experience.

  1. Transactional SMS Integration

  • Automatically send transactional SMS messages alongside email confirmations for purchases, bookings, or account updates.

  • Upon completing a purchase on your website, immediately send an SMS confirmation containing order details and shipping information, in addition to the email confirmation.

Email Example:

Thank you for your purchase! Your order details are below.

SMS Example:

Hi [Name], your order #[Order Number] is confirmed. It will be shipped soon. Thanks for shopping with us!

Main Benefits: Provides real-time updates to customers, improves communication efficiency, and reinforces trust and reliability in your brand.

  1. SMS Surveys or Feedback Requests

  • Use SMS to gather feedback or conduct surveys following email campaigns, allowing for quick responses and actionable insights.

  • After sending a newsletter, follow up with an SMS containing a short survey asking recipients to rate the content and provide feedback.

Email Example:

We value your feedback! Please take a moment to complete our survey.

SMS Example:

Hi [Name], we'd love to hear your thoughts! Please take our short survey: [Link]. Your feedback is important to us.

Main Benefits: Facilitates faster feedback collection, increases response rates compared to email surveys alone, and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and improvement.

  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery via SMS

  • Send SMS messages to customers who have abandoned their carts, reminding them of the items left behind and encouraging them to complete the purchase.

  • After a specified period, send Drip SMS with a reminder about the items in their cart and a direct link to complete the purchase.

Email Example:

Oops! Looks like you forgot something in your cart. Finish your purchase now!

SMS Example:

Hi there! You left items in your cart. Complete your purchase now and enjoy free shipping: [Link].

Main Benefits: Helps recover lost sales, provides a convenient and timely reminder, and offers a personalized approach to re-engage customers.

  1. Event Invitations and Updates

  • Use SMS to invite subscribers to events, webinars, or product launches, and provide updates and reminders leading up to the event.

  • Send an initial email invitation to an upcoming webinar, followed by SMS reminders a day before and an hour before the event.

Email Example:

You're invited! Join us for an exclusive webinar next week.

SMS Example:

Hi [Name], don't forget about our webinar tomorrow at 2 PM. Click here to join: [Link].

Main Benefits: Increases event attendance rates, ensures important event information is received, and offers a seamless way to communicate event details.

  1. Birthday or Anniversary Offers

  • Send personalized SMS messages to subscribers on their birthdays or anniversaries, offering special discounts or promotions.

  • Send an email a week before their birthday, teasing a special offer, and follow up with an SMS on their actual birthday with a unique discount code.

Email Example:

Happy Birthday! Here's a special gift just for you.

SMS Example:

Happy Birthday, [Name]! Enjoy 20% off your next purchase as our gift to you. Use code BDAY20 at checkout.

Main Benefits: Builds customer loyalty and engagement, creates a memorable experience for the customer, and encourages repeat purchases.


In a nutshell, Integrating SMS and email marketing can help create a seamless customer journey, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, higher revenue. By understanding the importance of a cohesive customer experience and leveraging the strengths of both channels, you can create a more meaningful interaction with your customers and drive better results for your business.

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