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Streamline your medical communication with patients to profoundly impact their perception and experience using the compliant & secure messaging system for healthcare.


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What is Text Messaging for Healthcare?

SMS for healthcare is a way for medical institutes, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and others to send updates to users or patients, share appointment confirmations & reminders, and communicate new health advisory information.
Textdrip is a fast, secure, and compliant SMS marketing solution for the healthcare industry to improve communication between patients and medical staff. Send personalized and precise information to your patients and users through the pool of features and automate your communications.

A Powerful Tool with Powerful SMS Marketing Features

Textdrip includes several powerful features that supercharge your SMS marketing and build fruitful customer relations. Have a look:

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One Simple Plan

$ 34.99

Per Month Per User Profile

Why Choose Textdrip to Streamline Your Healthcare Text Messaging

Textdrip is a patient communication app to help you streamline your text messaging needs to send updated information. Here’s why you should choose Textdrip:

Automate Your Medical Communication

Textdrip includes numerous tools to automate communications with your patients, users, internal staff, or vendors.

  • Use drip campaigns to set up your SMS campaigns
  • Schedule messages for appointment reminders
  • Create event-based automation workflow with Zapier
  • Handle common queries with predefined quick responses

Reach Your Audience At Scale

Through the multi-number, multi-profile, bulk messaging, reach your audiences at scale for sending healthcare messages.

  • Add up to 49 numbers and unlimited user profiles
  • Send bulk messages to your audience and expand your reachs
  • Assign different roles to different numbers/user profiles

Send Secure & Compliant Messages

Textdrip is a compliant and secure messaging system for healthcare professionals to safely communicate without carriers blocking messages.

  • Approved & 10-DLC compliant A2P messaging too
  • Spam score detection for each violation & tools to resolve
  • Auto opt-out of uninterested users when they type STOP, END, etc.
  • High messaging throughput & lower price per text

Productive Add-ons & Integrations

Textdrip, further, includes several productive add-ons and offers integrations with other tools that boost healthcare messaging efficiency.

  • AI tools for text generation and paraphrasing
  • Integration with Landline Remover to remove DNC & invalid numbers
  • GPT add-on for human-guided conversations
  • Integration with Zapier & Argos to create automation workflows

10 DLC Compliance for Increased Trust

Textdrip is designed to comply with 10 DLC regulations and includes features that improve the messaging ecosystem, increase deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Sample SMS Templates for Healthcare Service Providers

Get started with Textdrip for sending text message reminders for medical appointments and others. Start free now or book a demo with us to experience the magic of Textdrip to automate your healthcare messaging needs.

Appointment Reminder

Friendly reminder: Your appointment with [Doctor's Name] at [Clinic] is scheduled for [Date & Time]. Please arrive 15 minutes early. If you need to reschedule, call [Phone Number].

Prescription Refill Reminder

Hello [First Name], it's time to refill your prescription for [Medication Name]. Visit our [Pharmacy Name] at [Address] or call us at [Phone Number]. Your health is important to us. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Test Results Notification

Good news [First Name]! Your recent test results are available. Log in to your patient portal at [Website] to view them securely. If you have questions, call [Phone Number]. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Flu Vaccination Reminder

Flu season is here! Protect yourself and your loved ones. Get your flu shot at [Clinic Name] today. Walk-ins are welcome or schedule an appointment at [Phone Number]. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Follow-up Appointment

Following up on your recent visit, we recommend scheduling an appointment after 15-days with [Doctor's Name] to discuss your progress. Call [Phone Number] to schedule. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Health and Wellness Workshop

Hi [First Name], join us for a free health and wellness workshop on [Date] at [Location]. Learn about healthy habits and preventive care. RSVP today! Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.


1. What regulations should you keep in mind while Healthcare text messaging?
Medical offices and healthcare providers should keep the HIPAA regulations and 10-DLC compliance in mind while text messaging. Depending on who the text message is being sent to, your texting can comply with HIPAA regulations. You should ensure that your text messaging does not violate any regulations or share sensitive patient information with third parties.

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