Extended Text Message Limit

Want to add more information to your SMS? Textdrip provides you with an extended text character limit of above 160 characters to help you pack as much useful content as needed.

What is the Extended Text Limit in Textdrip?

The extended text limit allows you to go beyond the fixed limit of 160 characters and add as much information as needed to compel subscribers to take action.

Textdrip enables you to send text messages that are longer than 160 characters and cost only a minimal amount. See our pricing for more information.


Benefits of Extended Text Character Limit

With an extended text character limit, don’t hold your thoughts at 160 characters, and go beyond to provide your users with as much information as needed. Here are a few benefits of the same:

Increased Clarity

With extended text limit, now you can convey your message with greater clarity and provide detailed information.

Engaging Content

Longer text messaging allows you to craft more compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Enhanced Brand Messaging

Longer messages allow you to reinforce your brand’s image and identity, making your SMS campaigns more memorable.

Why Use Textdrip with Extended Text Limit

Here are a few reasons why you should use Textdrip with extended text character limit:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of Extended Text Limit Feature

The extended text character limit opens up a range of use cases that can benefit your SMS marketing efforts. Here are a few examples:

Share Product Information

You can send detailed product descriptions, and explain its features, uses, benefits, pricing, and other information to help users make informed decisions.

Event Updates

Send event updates and notifications with details including date, time, venue, or online webinar and meeting information to ensure users show up to those events.

Educational Content

Another use case is to share educational content, tips, and insights related to your industry and offer more in-depth explanations to become a trusted source.

Customer Support Responses

Respond comprehensively to your customers’ support requests. Offer them troubleshooting steps, FAQs, and links to helpful resources within a single SMS.


1. What is the extended text character limit in Textdrip?
The extended text message limit in Textdrip allows you to exceed the standard 160-character limit for SMS to enable you to send longer text messages. With more space and character limit, you can convey your message more effectively by providing detailed information, promotions, and messages to your recipients.

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