Pricing for Automated SMS Marketing and Business Texting Service

Simple Pricing for Automated Text Messaging

Textdrip offers the most competitive pricing in the industry, making it easy to start leveraging text message marketing quickly and affordably. Our flexible pricing plan is designed to allow you to be in control, so whether you need to send out a few messages each month or thousands of messages daily, our plan will work for you.

With Textdrip's unbeatable prices, you can get started with SMS marketing without breaking the bank! Never has SMS Automation been so affordable - take advantage of our low rates today and make sure your business is reaching its full potential. Try it out for free with our exclusive 7-day free trial!

Choose Your SMS Marketing Plan

*Pricing is per outbound text segment (a text segment is 160 characters or less for a single segment, and 153 characters or less for multiple segments. If using emojis or special characters, a single segment is 70 characters or less, and 67 characters or less for multiple segments)

*Our system is based on credits, each credit is worth $0.012

Base Plan

*one phone number is included with base plan

$ 0.012 /outgoing text segments
  • Free Inbound Messages
$ 0.06 /message
  • Free Inbound Messages
$ 0.012 /minute
  • *Minimum 1 minute


Textdrip credits are purchased through an automatic "top-up" method.
You will get 1,000 to start with. Each message segment sent will deduct 1 credit from your account. Once your credits drop below 500, you will be automatically charged $40 and 3,333 credits will be added to your account.

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