About Textdrip

Textdrip was founded with the goal to simplify communication between businesses and their customers. We are on a mission to help businesses automate their SMS marketing campaigns and processes.


Origin Story of Textdrip

The entrepreneurial spirit within Phil Portman was born after he felt disappointed with the existing business communication tools. He struggled to communicate effectively, which made him determined to build a practical solution that streamlines client communication.
He sought to build a modern platform that allows businesses and sales departments to interact with their clients on automate. That’s when the idea of “Textdrip” began to crystallize. Textdrip enables enterprises to automate the delivery of bite-sized information using SMS channel.
Phil gathered a team of expert developers, architects, and QAs to work on his dream project. After several months of hard work, relentless development, and meticulous testing, Textdrip finally saw the day of the light on August 12, 2020.
After overcoming the initial hurdles, Textdrip is enroute to becoming a leading SMS marketing & automation software. Also, the client response has been overwhelmingly positive as they appreciate timely updates and quick customer support resolutions, which help us push the horizons of innovation.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind the success of Textdrip. They belong to diverse cultures and hold a blend of expertise to drive innovation and excellence in every aspect of our SaaS platform.

Our Values

These are the pillars of our company that each one of us lives by to build a culture that promotes the growth and fulfillment of not only our employees but our esteemed customers.



Customers are at the core of everything we do. We prioritize their satisfaction & success and deliver personalized experiences for exceptional support throughout their journey.


Human Touch

Empowering businesses with a human touch. Our support team consists of real humans ready to help you by providing the necessary support for effective SMS marketing.



We are believers of teamwork. Our collaborative environment fosters the growth of individuals who come together to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.



We are a team of committed professionals to serve our customers better and become a market leader in the SMS marketing and automation industry.


Transparency & Integrity

Transparency and honesty are foundational values for our organization. We uphold the highest ethical standards in processing and accessing customer data to build trust.


Innovation & Inclusivity

We’ve embraced inclusivity in our work culture and are determined to create innovative and creative Text Messaging solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to revolutionize the SMS communications industry and help brands establish a seamless path to communicate with their customers. The Vision, Mission, and Goal form our soul, body, and mind.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a reliable and market-leading business communication automation and customer relationship management company.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help small to large-scale businesses reach their full potential by helping them effectively communicate with their customers ensuring the highest deliverability of any communication platform.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower our clients with innovative and easy-to-use SaaS solutions that help them foster relationships and build lasting connections with their customers.


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