Automated SMS Marketing for Media & Advertising Agencies

Digital and even traditional agencies can use SMS marketing for marketing agencies in addition to email to offer an omnichannel experience to their customers.


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What is SMS Marketing for Media & Advertising Agencies?

Media and advertising agencies need mass marketing channels like SMS to reach their audiences at scale that too at a cost-effective rate. SMS marketing for marketing agencies helps you stay ahead of the curve and reach your target audience where they are.
Textdrip is one of the most cost-efficient SMS marketing automation tools you can leverage to its full potential to reach your prospects. Whether you want to promote an event or your services, text messaging for the marketing industry is the cost-effective way to get in front of your potential customers.

A Powerful Tool with Powerful SMS Marketing Features

Textdrip includes several powerful features that supercharge your SMS marketing and build fruitful customer relations. Have a look:

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One Simple Plan

$ 34.99

Per Month Per User Profile

Streamline Your SMS Marketing for Media and Advertising Agencies with Textdrip

Leverage the SMS channel with the highest open rate and streamline your client communication using Textdrip. Here’s how we help you automate and make things simple:

Built-in Automation Features

Textdrip includes the necessary automation features for text messaging, lead distribution, autoresponders, and others.

  • Create SMS workflows with drip campaigns
  • Use Bucket to automate lead distribution
  • Capture new leads with the Page Builder
  • Schedule messages in advance to send at a predetermined time

Send Engaging Messages

Send interactive and personalized text messages for enhanced engagement through SMS and MMS marketing.

  • Attache images, GIFs, emojis, and others to your SMS
  • Merge fields to personalize your conversations
  • Nurture your leads and encourage them to text back
  • Share news, deals, exclusive offers

Scale SMS Outreach

Textdrip also offers features to scale your SMS marketing and outreach efforts and reach all your prospects at once.

  • Add up to 49 numbers and unlimited user profiles
  • Assign different roles to different numbers/users
  • Send bulk messages from each number to all prospects
  • A/B test your message tone, text, and CTA.

Enhanced SMS Ecosystem

With a range of cool integrations and following necessary compliances for the highest deliverability rate, Textdrip offers an enhanced SMS ecosystem.

  • Integration with Zapier & Argos for automation workflows
  • AI Text generator and Spintext for text variations
  • Landline Remover to check DNC for higher deliverability
  • 10-DLC compliance & spam score detection

A2P 10 DLC Compliance for Increased Trust

Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Sample SMS for Marketing & Advertising Agencies Examples

Getting started with Textdrip using the following SMS examples for your media and advertising agency is easy. Start free now or book a demo to experience the magic of Textdrip yourself:

Promotional Message

Exciting News from [Your Agency Name]! Our exclusive advertising package is now available at a special price. Reach more customers and boost your brand. Call us at [Your Contact Number] to learn more! Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Campaign Update

Hello [First Name]! Your ad campaign is off to a great start, reaching thousands already. Stay tuned for detailed insights on its performance. Need assistance? Call us anytime at: [Phone No]. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Event/Webinar Reminder

Hi [First Name], Don't forget! Our marketing webinar is just around the corner. Join us at [Event Location] on [Event Date] to discover the latest trends. RSVP by replying 'YES.’ Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Feedback Request

We value your opinion! Please take a moment to share your thoughts on our recent campaign. Your feedback helps us improve. Click here to provide your insights: [Feedback Link]. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

Invoice Reminder

Hello [First Name], this is a friendly reminder about your invoice #[Invoice Number] for services rendered by [Agency Name]. Please complete the payment at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Thank You Message

Thank you for choosing [Your Agency Name]! We appreciate your trust in our services. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your success is our priority! Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.


1. How effective is SMS marketing for media and advertising agencies?
Marketing and advertising agencies can use SMS platforms like Textdrip to create set-it-and-forget-it automation workflows. You can create drip campaigns to send recurring texts at a specified interval. Moreover, you can use Zapier integration to create effective SMS automation workflows to trigger messages based on events or actions. Also, do a whole lot of other productive things using the automation features provided by Textdrip.

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