Grow your subscriber list, get their opt-in, and collect their name, phone number, email, and other information using the built-in Page Builder from Textdrip.

What is a Page Builder for Data Collection?

Page Builder is a feature integration inside Textdrip that allows you to capture the information of your visitors and customers and grow your subscriber base for SMS marketing.

It’s a crucial part of your Textdrip account to help you launch a specialized page to collect customer information without requiring you to pay an additional charge.


Benefits of Page Builder Feature

Page Builder offers several key benefits for Textdrip users and helps boost their SMS marketing efforts. Here are a few benefits:

Subscriber List Growth

Simplify the process of capturing the information of your customers and expand your subscriber base for more sales opportunities.

Seamless Integration

Integrate the specialized page built with Textdrip’s Page Builder to your platform and begin with collecting data to increase your subscriber base.

Compliance Fulfillment

Page Builder essentially fulfills the requirement of collecting customer opt-ins before you start sending them text messages.

Why Use Textdrip for Page Builder Feature

Let’s get to know a few reasons why you should use Textdrip for Page Builder:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of Page Builder Feature Integration

Page Builder comes in handy to use for various scenarios across industries. Here are a few use cases for effective utilization:

Lead Capturing Landing Page

Use it as a landing page with a form to capture the contact information like phone number, email, etc. of your leads or customers and grow your subscriber base for SMS marketing.

Event Registrations

When conducting events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars, and others, capture registrations of users with Page Builder and send SMS reminders.

Take Opt-In Requests

Take the express permission of users and customers before you send them a text message with the help of a customized landing page built using Textdrip’s Page Builder.

Feedback & Surveys

Companies can use the page builder to collect users’ feedback about their recent purchases and send improvement updates over SMS to enhance customer experience


1. How do I create a lead-capturing page using Page Builder?
Creating a landing page using Textdrip’s page builder is easy. Login to your Textdrip dashboard and then navigate to My Profile from the account icon at the top right corner. Once there, you’ll see an option for the Easy Page Builder, and click on the same to start creating your lead-capturing page using the built-in Page Builder.

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