10+ Auto-Reply Sample Messages That Help You Save Time


03 May 2023


Bri Barnett

When you have been in the business for quite some time, your customers will always reach your maximum daily quota. It means people have trusted your brand for so long, and they cannot get enough of what you’re offering them.

Isn’t it nice to receive the consistent support you have always aimed for your brand?

While receiving several orders in a day is good, knowing when, what, and how to respond is much more critical. Your target market will continue patronizing you if you know how to address their concerns with appropriate personalized messaging .

However, it would help if you had something to accommodate your customers while you are away.

Using a custom auto-reply text is a low-lift solution to help your business achieve customer retention and maintain it for as long as possible. These are pre-written responses that an account automatically sends as a reply. It is often used on business pages.

An auto-reply text message offers several benefits that help save time:

  • Establish clear expectations with clients, customers, vendors, or business contacts.
  • Generate consistent engagement to make sure that messages will immediately get a response.
  • Keep up a positive brand reputation for achieving customer retention.

This blog will teach you one of the best mobile marketing strategy examples you can use for your business, and that is using auto-reply text messages.

Here’s a sample of the auto-response message you’ll see as you go through this blog:

"Hi, thank you for your message. We appreciate you reaching out, but we are not around this time. We’ll get to you as soon as we can."

Let’s proceed to the autoreply to messages you can use for your business page.

Professional autoreply messages

Use these auto-response messages when you are on a business trip or need to attend an important meeting.

Out-of-office reply message:

“Thank you for your message. However, I am out of the office until (return date). Please message (colleague’s Name) at (colleague’s number) for urgent and important matters. Thank you for understanding.”

Business phone voicemail greeting:

“Greetings! You’ve reached (business name). We’re unavailable now, but please leave your contact information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

Appointment scheduling confirmation message:

After a client booked for an appointment, make sure to use this template:

“Thank you for booking with us! Want to learn more about us before your visit? Click this link: (link here).”

Personal autoreply to messages

You can also use auto-response messages for personal purposes in case you’re too busy to reply.

Vacation autoreply for email or text message:

Hi there, Thanks for your message. I am currently on vacation and have limited access to my email. If you need to reach out, please message me, and I will respond at my earliest convenience. Best regards, (Name)”

Personal phone voicemail greeting:

“Hi, you have reached (Name)’s voice message. I appreciate your call. Feel free to leave your Name, number, and message; I will respond soon.”

Thank you message for gifts or gestures:

Sending a thank you note is customary whenever you receive gifts to show how much you appreciate them.

“Hello, [first] Thank you for the beautiful gift. I appreciate it a lot. I am grateful for this present you have given me. I will always cherish this. Thanks again!”

Social media auto-reply to messages

Business pages in social media require automated responses, especially when there’s a pile of inquiries.

Automated responses to comments on Facebook

Depending on the comment, here are some examples of automated responses you can use:

Customers with a bad experience:

“We’re sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with us. We’d like to hear more about the details, so please get in touch with us at (email here) to let us know how we can do better. Thank you!”

First-time inquiry:

“Hi, welcome to (company name)! We’ll keep in touch as soon as we can. Meanwhile, check out our help center for more details: (link) Thank you!”

Automatic direct messages on Twitter

You can use different responses that can build up to a sale.

The basic thanks:

“Hey, thanks for following us! I’ve followed you back and look forward to chatting with you.”

The upsell:

“Thank you so much for following back. You can check out our Facebook page too! Drop us a message, and we’ll take it from there. See you!”

The offer:

“Thanks for following us. To share our gratitude, here’s a 5% discount on your first purchase.”

Auto-reply to messages for Instagram DMs

Like Facebook, you can set up an auto-response message for Instagram direct messages.

Get Started message:

“Hi, there! Thanks for messaging us. We want to help you get the information you’re looking for. For now, you can check out this link (link here) and know more about what we do.” “Hello, there! How can I help you?”

Emergency autoreply to messages

There are unavoidable situations that will require an urgent response. Here’s an auto-reply text message example you can use:

“Hi, thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, we’re not available right now due to an emergency. Feel free to leave your message or contact this number (number here) for urgent matters. Thank you for understanding.”

Leverage autoreplies to save time and enhance your business.

On average, people spend about 3 to 4 hours a day checking their phones for notifications and messages. It’s why prompt responses are a good thing for increasing sales too.

Responding within an hour increases the chance of success by 7x. People appreciate it when their questions are answered immediately, especially during emergencies.

Based on the autoreply to examples above, there are different messages you can use for other areas like out-of-office, direct messages on Instagram or Twitter, appointment schedule confirmation, crisis response for customers or clients, and voicemail greetings.

An SMS marketing automation tool like Textdrip poses many benefits of mobile marketing that businesses can use to promote their brand further. It establishes the way you respond to different customers while staying on brand.

Make things more efficient by using custom auto-reply texts and save more time to focus on other areas of your business. This strategy can help your organization communicate seamlessly with customers and clients.

Bri Barnett

Bri is the head of the Customer Support Team at Textdrip and has helped thousands of customers by creating simple support workflows. Read More

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