Personalize Your Text Messages

Tailor your text message communication by using the merge fields and address your customers with personalized messages to build trust and boost your engagement metrics.

What is Text Message Personalization?

Text message personalization is a way to make your messages feel humanized and tailored to your customers' needs by adding their names or other personal information.

Textdrip allows you to personalize your outbound messages by providing multiple placeholders called merge fields that humanize your communication with your potential customers.


Benefits of Personalized Messages

People crave personalized communication from brands, and it has never been easy to do so with Textdrip. Here are a few benefits of personalized text messages:

Improved SMS Relevance

With personalized text messages, you can improve the relevance of text content your prospects receive from you.

Reduce Churn Rate

By sending relevant and personalized messages, you can boost your customer retention rate and reduce churn.

High Response Rate

Recipients more likely respond positively to personalized text messages, leading to enhanced 2-way communication.

Why Use Textdrip for Personalization Feature

Here are a few reasons to use Textdrip to personalize your text messages:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of Personalized Messages Feature

Personalized mass text messaging has a wide variety of applications across industries. Here are a few use cases where personalization can be utilized effectively:

Send Personalized Recommendations

Product-based businesses like eCommerce/retail or service providers like mortgage & hospitality can send personalized recommendations and compel users to take action.

Personalized Offers

Another use case of this feature is to send personalized offers and discounts based on the customers' purchase history to allow them to take advantage of the promotions.

Collect Testimonials

After prospects have purchased products from your brand, you can send them personalized messages with a link to leave a review of their experience using your product.

Send Greetings

Personalization also comes in handy to send greetings for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or festivals to add a personal touch to your text messages.


1. How do I personalize my SMS marketing campaigns?
To personalize your text message campaigns, select a tool like Textdrip, collect and import the customer opt-ins with their information, segment them using a feature like Bucket, use merge fields in drip campaign functionality to write personalized messages, select the interval, and schedule your messages.

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