Contact Segmentation

Want to segment your contact list into different campaigns? Textdrip allows you to segment subscribers while importing contacts for more targeted SMS campaigns that generate high engagement and sales opportunities.

What is Contact Segmentation?

Contact segmentation is a process of distributing users into different campaigns to send relevant text messages based on the stage of the buying journey they belong to.

Textdrip enables you to assign drip campaigns to your new contact list while importing. You can also distribute your new contacts based on predefined criteria through the Bucket feature.


Benefits of Contact Segmentation

Contact list segmentation contributes to the effectiveness and success of your SMS campaigns, making it an essential tool for you. Here are some benefits of contact segmentation:

Customized Messaging

Segmenting your subscribers to different campaigns allows you to send relevant and customized messages.

Improved Conversion Opportunities

By sending targeted text messaging to your subscribers, you can improve positive response & sales opportunities.

Funnel-based Marketing

Create different campaigns for different funnel stages and distribute users based on the funnel stage they belong to.

Why Use Textdrip for Contact Segmentation?

Here are some reasons why you should use Textdrip for the contact segmentation feature:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of Contact Segmentation Feature

Contact segmentation allows you to tailor your messages according to the specific needs of your subscribers. Here are a few use cases of this feature:

Create Funnalized Campaigns

Create multiple drip campaigns based on the sales funnel stages that buyers go through to effectively segment new leads based on the buying stage they belong to.

Lead Nurturing

Contact segmentation allows you to group new leads into different campaigns based on the funnel stage they belong to and send personalized nurturing messages.

Automated Onboarding

Companies can use contact segmentation to send automated onboarding information through SMS to their new users by adding them in a specific drip campaign.

Create Specialized Campaigns

Another helpful use of segmentation is assigning contacts based on special use cases e.g., promotional, membership renewals, holiday offers, and other campaigns.


1. How can I use DNC Check within Textdrip?
Segmenting your subscribers is easy with Textdrip. You just have to create different CSV files for the contacts you want to segment and assign them different campaigns. For example, let’s you have two campaigns: one to send onboarding SMS, and another to send promotions texts. So, you can create two CSV files where one file contains a list of new onboarded customers and the second contains the list of existing customers you want to send promotional messages to. Now, import both files one after the other and assign them different campaigns while importing. Doing so, enables you to send targeted SMS tailored to their specific needs.

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