Opt-Out Keywords

Improve your subscriber list by filtering uninterested audiences and targeting only the interested ones while saving costs and increasing the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

What is an Opt-Out Keyword?

An opt-out keyword is a word that subscribers reply to your promotional messages when they no longer want to receive them from your brand.

Businesses have obligations to provide a clear opt-out option. Textdrip fulfills this requirement by providing several keyword options that users can reply with for auto opt-out.


Benefits of Opt-Out Keyword Feature

Providing a way to opt out of receiving text messages is a necessary compliance requirement for businesses to follow. Here are a few benefits it offers:

Targeted Messaging

Once the uninterested subscribers opt out, you can focus your efforts on engaging with interested audiences and send targeted messages.

Improved Reputation

Avoiding sending messages to uninterested subscribers & showing respect for their privacy can improve your brand’s reputation.

Saving Time & Cost

After users have opted out, it helps reduce costs by preventing sending messages to opted-out subscribers while also saving time & effort.

Why Use Textdrip for Opt-out Keywords

Here are a few reasons to use Textdrip for the opt-out keyword feature:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of Custom Opt-Out Keyword Feature

Textdrip offers opt-out keyword options you can use for your SMS marketing campaigns. Here are a few use cases of the feature:

Increased Targeting

Opt-out keywords help you send the relevant information to interested subscribers only and offer them more personalized content that aligns with their preferences.


Segment your uninterested subscribers from the interested ones by providing them with custom opt-out keywords and tailoring your messaging for increased relevance.

Collect Feedback

You can send one last follow-up message to subscribers who have opted out of receiving texts for confirmation of their request and also ask for their feedback.

A/B Text Your Keywords

You can try out different custom opt-out keywords and text messages to see which ones get fewer opt-outs, helping you refine your messaging for future campaigns.


1. Why opt-out keywords are important for SMS marketing?
Providing a clear way to opt out of text messaging campaigns is a necessary requirement for businesses to comply with regulations. They have a legal obligation to inform their customers about how they can opt out of receiving promotional text messages. Textdrip helps fulfill this obligation by providing you with opt-out keywords that trigger auto opt-out of users from campaigns.

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