Bulk Texting

Engage with multiple contacts using Textdrip’s fast and reliable bulk texting or mass messaging services to reach your target audience at scale.

What Is Bulk SMS Texting Service?

Bulk SMS or mass texting is a text messaging strategy that allows you to send SMS to multiple contacts simultaneously.

Textdrip’s bulk SMS service offers several functionalities like drip campaigns, pipelines, and others to send bulk text messages to a group of people at cost-effective rates.


Benefits of Mass Text Messaging

Apart from reaching your target audience at scale, here are some other benefits of Textdrip’s bulk SMS service:

High Reach

Mass text messaging allows you to connect and engage with a large audience at the same time by sending personalized texts.

Grow Your Engagement

By sending text messages in bulk to your contact lists, you can drive more traffic and grow engagement for your business.

Engage with MMS

Textdrip also allows you to send multimedia messages (MMS) such as graphics, emojis, etc. within your SMS for high engagement.

Why Use Textdrip for Bulk Text Messaging

Textdrip is an ideal bulk SMS marketing solution thanks to the features that streamline the whole SMS process. Here are a few reasons to use Textdrip:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of Bulk SMS Marketing

You can use Textdrip for bulk SMS marketing to fulfill varied purposes and communicate with your audience conveniently and effectively. Here’s where mass text messaging is useful:

Send Announcements

Bulk text messaging can be used for delivering vital announcements and information directly to your audiences reliably and improve your SMS customer service.

Send Marketing & Sales Offers

Using Textdrip’s bulk SMS software, you can send promotional offers, special deals, and discounts to effectively improve your sales and conversion opportunities.

Event Invites and Updates

Another use of bulk SMS software is to send event invites, reminders, and updates to a large number of attendees to ensure a high user show-up or inform them of any changes.

Awareness Campaigns

Bulk SMS marketing tactic is widely used for public awareness campaigns to reach a large number of audiences and communicate your awareness message effectively.


1. Is mass text messaging legal?
Yes, sending text messages in bulk to a mass audience is legal as long as you have followed the compliance guidelines. You must have express permission of your target audience and they must have opted in to receive your messages. Further, there should always be an opt-out option to allow your subscribers to leave your messaging list.

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