DNC Check with Landline Remover

Textdrip helps you improve your text messaging deliverability and accuracy by providing integration with the Landline Remover tool to identify and exclude DNC, invalid, or landline numbers.

What is a DNC Check?

DNC or Do Not Call check ensures that your subscriber list does not include invalid, landline numbers, or numbers that have turned on the DNC.

Textdrip has developed a Landline Remover tool and offers API integration through the Google Chrome extension to check for DNC, invalid, or landline numbers at just $0.0019 per check.


Benefits of DNC Check Feature

Here are some benefits of using the DNC Check feature to check for invalid and landline numbers:

Contact List Filtering

DNC Check integration through API helps you filter your subscriber list for DNC, invalid, or landline numbers.

Better Deliverability

Once filtered, your list will contain only genuine numbers, ensuring your messages get delivered, read, and acted upon.

Cost Saving

Another benefit of DNC Check is cost saving as you can filter your list and send messages only to genuine numbers.

Why Use Textdrip for the DNC Check Feature?

DNC Check with Landline Remover API integration is one of the crucial features to improve your SMS marketing targeting efforts. Here are some reasons to use Textdrip for DNC Check:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Use Cases of DNC Check Feature

DNC Check feature integration in Textdrip helps improve the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. Here are some use cases of the API integration:

Subscriber List Cleaning

DNC Check helps you clean your subscriber list by removing invalid, landlines, or numbers on the DNC list to ensure your messages are directed to valid subscribers only.

Real-Time Checks

The real-time checks for DNC and invalid numbers help keep your subscriber list continually up-to-date, reducing the risk of sending texts to DNC or invalid numbers.

Onboarding New Subscribers

Whenever new subscribers join your list or you import a list of new subscribers to Textdrip, check the whole list to verify the numbers before sending them a text.

Subscribers Managements

Another use case of the DNC Check is to frequently check your subscribers to see if they have updated their preferences and turned on the DNC for their number.


1. How can I use DNC Check within Textdrip?
You can avail the DNC Check feature through Landline Remover API integration. To Do so, first download theTextdrip Chrome Extensionfrom the Web Store. Next, create an account on the Landline Remover tool to generate an API key and add the same through the extension. You can watch this video to understand how the integration for DNC Check with Textdrip works.

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