Real Estate Text Message Scripts

Boost Your Open House Attendance with These Real Estate Text Message Scripts


19 June 2024


Dhimant Vyas

Real estate is about location, timing, and establishing solid connections with prospects. You must be capable enough to communicate promptly and effectively when the real estate market is red hot. As SMS has high open rates and is a cost-effective way for quick communication compared to other marketing channels like email, it has become one of the most preferred ways of communication.

These statistics prove how effective real estate text message marketing is.

  • SMS offers a high open and response rate of approximately 98% and 45%, respectively.
  • Around 80% of clients want to receive offers via text messages.
  • 60% of customers read SMSs within 5 minutes after receiving them.

That’s the reason most real estate agents and brokers use text marketing for real estate to connect with their prospects. The real estate text message scripts listed below can help you boost sales and consumer satisfaction. So, if you are wondering how to write real estate texts, this blog has all the answers.

We have curated a list of a few scripts that you can use to nurture leads and strengthen your relationship with clients. So, bookmark these scripts to get started.

5 Real Estate Text Message Scripts For Real Estate Agents To Boost Your Open House Attendance

Here are a few real estate text message templates that you can use to interact with potential leads and clients to boost your open house attendance. Remember to follow TCPA and 10DLC compliance rules for texting and incorporate a message opt-put option.

1) Lead Qualification

If you are a real estate agent, there are times when you receive text messages out of the blue. So, it is vital to find out who is contacting you, whether the person is an agent or a client. For that, you can use the following script.

Hey [Name],
Thank you for reaching out.
I will try my best to help you buy/sell your property.
But first, are you an agent, or do you already have one?
Reply STOP if you prefer not to receive messages.

2) Follow-up Messages

Repeat businesses are important in almost all industries. This real estate text message script will help you nurture your relationships with past clients who may provide you with repeat business and referrals.

Hi [Name],
[Your Name] this side.
It was nice meeting with you the other day.
Did you like the property you visited on [date] at [time]?
Reply Unsubscribe to opt out of the message.

3) Feedback Request

Testimonials play a vital role in generating business. Positive feedback can improve your business reputation. Here is how you can ask for the review.

Hey [Name],
Working with you and helping you find your dream home was a great time.
Would you love to share your experience that I can share with potential buyers and sellers?
Reply STOP to opt out.

4) Schedule Time to Chat Over Phone Call

If you are a busy real estate agent, you must set clear expectations about when to chat. You can use the following script to book a spot.

Hi [Name],
If you have no plan on [date and time], we can talk over a phone call about your real estate needs.
Let me know if you are in, or reply STOP to unsubscribe.

5) New Listings Promotions

If you want more people to visit your newly listed property, you can encourage them to book an appointment with teasers and announcements.

Newly Listed: I have listed a new property at [address].
The [number of bed/bath] is listed at [price].
Would you like to visit it?
Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Which Real Estate Text Message Scripts Can Be Used For Buyers?

Do you want to work with more active buyers? These real estate follow up scripts can help you connect with prospects quickly and professionally.

1) In-active buyer follow-up

The journey of buying a home is like a roller coaster ride – full of starts and stops. Sometimes, clients get frustrated or discouraged. You can encourage them to resume showing properties by sending them a text message. Here is how to do this.

Hey [Name], [Your Name] here.
Just wanted to check if you are still planning to buy a home this year.
If yes, I am happy to share property listings that align with your needs.
To unsubscribe, reply STOP.

2) Price change notification

Sometimes, modest price drops can help clients buy their dream homes. Therefore, it is best to inform them via text message. Check out this real estate text message script to learn how to do it.

Hi [Name],
The owner of [property] has reduced their asking price by [amount].
Reply to this message if you want to make an offer, or reply STOP to opt out of messages.

3) Appointment reminder

It is frustrating when a client does not attend a scheduled appointment. If you want this not to happen, then it is best to send them appointment reminders the day before the scheduled showings.

Hey [Name], [Your Name] is on this side.
Our scheduled meeting is on [day] at [time]
Hope to see you there on time.
Reply STOP if you no longer want to receive a message.

4) Follow up after showing a property.

There are times when a client needs some time to think. You can send them a follow-up message to check how a client feels. In this message, you can send some vital documents like appliance warranties, seller’s disclosure, etc, to the client. Here is how to do this.

Hey [Name],
It was great meeting you earlier.
I just wanted to check how you felt about the [property address].
I have attached some important documents at the bottom of the message.
Type STOP to opt out of future messages.

5) Follow up on scheduling a time.

As per the research, most people revert within 90 seconds after receiving the text message. However, there are a few clients who take a bit longer time to respond. Use this template to follow up after showing a property.

Hi [Name],
I just wanted to check if you still want to visit [property].
If so, let me know a suitable time and day.
Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Real Estate Text Message Scripts For Sellers

1) Home Valuation Report

You can send home valuation reports to sellers through links or MMS messaging. It will help them decide on their future purchases. Here is the real estate text message script for how to do this.

Hey [First],
Hope you are doing well.
Your home valuation report is ready.
Check this: [link or attached PDF].
Any questions? Feel free to ask.

2) Home Inspection Reminder

Home inspection is one of the important parts of the purchasing and selling procedure. You can remind your clients about this important process by sending a text message. Check this script for it.

Hi [First],
I just want to remind you that your home inspection is scheduled on [date] at [time].
If you want to reschedule, reply to this message.
Thank You! – [Your Name].

3) Buyer Question Template

While purchasing a property, there are many questions that a buyer wants to know about. Here is a real estate messaging template that you can use to send sellers about letting them know a potential buyer has a specific question.

Hey [First],
The client [Name] is interested in buying your property and wants to know if [item] is included in the price.
Kindly revert as soon as possible.
Thanks! – [Your Name].

4) Virtual Home Script

The virtual home tour can help potential buyers look and feel every corner of the home remotely. Use this script to convince sellers to include a virtual home tour in their marketing strategy plan.

Hi [First],
Virtual tours can be appealing and quickly attract buyer’s attention.
Let’s discuss over a call to include it in your marketing strategy.
Thank you! – [Your Name]

5) Market Analysis

Competitive market analysis can help sellers set the right price for their property as per the local market. Here is how you can ask them to do that.

Hey [First],
Competitive market analysis helps you get the right price for your property.
Let’s talk over a call about how our market analysis plan can help you find out the optimal price range.
Thank you!

Final Thoughts

In summary, even though you have a strong pipeline of leads, there is a high chance that clients can ignore your phone calls and emails. So, put the above-listed real estate text message scripts to good use by using the right SMS marketing platform like Textdrip.

Sign up for the 30-day free trial and experience how easy it is to schedule texts, give quick responses to clients’ questions, and automate your text messaging. Book a free demo and experience how Textdrip can increase your business ROI.


You can use these scripts to boost lead conversion. Whether your target audience is buyers, sellers, or renters, you can use these scripts to schedule appointments, for follow-up communication, send market updates and newsletters, run re-engagement campaigns, etc.

You can make your follow-up scripts more engaging by giving a personalization touch, adding proper CTA, sending a message at the appropriate time, keeping it short, creating urgency through follow-up reminders, and offering valuable information.

Real estate scripts are pre-designed/pre-planned specifically to establish solid connections with potential buyers and sellers.

Using the script scheduling feature, you can enable script execution at a specific date and time in future. You can schedule it in two ways: 1. one-time schedule and 2. recurring schedule.

Dhimant Vyas

As a Marketing Manager, Dhimant takes a strategic approach to orchestrating compelling marketing campaigns to bolster brand visibility. Read More

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