How Does 10DLC Registration Work with Textdrip? — A Complete Guide


05 October 2023


Dhaval Gajjar

10DLC or 10-Digit Long Code registration is a way for businesses to register their SMS campaigns sent through 10-digit long numbers in the US. It has a special campaign registry process to ensure business messaging is compliant with the US messaging standards. Textdrip is one of the early adopters of the 10DLC compliance, showing its readiness to embrace the SMS marketing regulations.

The support team at Textdrip is working tirelessly to complete the 10DLC registration for all our customers. We have already completed the registration process for most of our customers and are in the process of onboarding and registering new customers.

The estimated timeline to get them registered for 10DLC can vary from 1 to 2 weeks. Until then the new Textdrip users will be provided with temporary unregistered numbers to communicate with their subscriber base.

What is a Temporary Number?

As the name suggests, a temporary number is an unregistered number provided by Textdrip to new unregistered customers initially. The purpose of providing this number is to get new customers started with their SMS marketing needs until they are verified and registered for 10DLC.

Once the 10DLC registration is complete for the new customers, they’ll be provided with a new registered number for all their SMS communications. The old number temporary number will be Ghosted.

What is a Ghosted Number?

A ghosted number is a temporary number provided to new customers before they get registered for 10DLC. Once customers are registered, their old numbers will be converted to Ghosted numbers.

With a ghosted number, you’ll only be able to reply to the messages you may have sent during the registration process. You won’t be able to schedule messages, set drip campaigns, or do anything else through the Ghosted number, but you can do so with your new registered number.

Moreover, this ghosted number will expire after a few weeks so I highly recommend that you take a backup and export all your SMS communications.

Why New Registered Number is Provided?

Once new customers are successfully registered for 10DLC, they’ll be allocated a new 10-digit phone number to continue their text message marketing. As mentioned, the temporary number will be marked as Ghosted after registration and will be discontinued after a few weeks.

With this new registered number, you’ll be able to send, schedule, set drip campaigns, and do a lot more. Also, you can add more numbers to your Textdrip account at the cost of just $0.5 per number to scale your SMS marketing efforts.

What is A2P 10DLC Regulations?

10DLC regulations are designed and implemented for business text messaging to improve the ecosystem with more security and reduced spam. It offers higher reliability, deliverability, simplicity, stability, and enhanced brand reputation.

Businesses registered for 10DLC can enjoy higher SMS throughput — a higher messaging deliverability than the non-10DLC registered businesses. The process involves registering your SMS campaigns with The Campaign Registry authorities by providing necessary information like EIN (Employer Identification Number).

Doing so is crucial as it requires businesses to inform authorities what their business is and what kind of messages they’ll be sending to their customers. This enables carriers of both sender and receiver to know that the messages are coming from registered businesses and won’t block them from getting delivered to the intended recipient.

However, carriers may flag your messages as spam and block them from getting delivered to the recipients if you haven’t completed your 10DLC registration. Textdrip team has been helping businesses communicate securely and effectively through 10DLC registrations.

As part of the same, we have made several necessary reforms to our platform and offering features such as opt-in page builder, opt-out keywords, spam score detection, etc. to comply with 10DLC.

What are the Benefits of 10DLC Compliance Registration?

10DLC registration certainly offers several benefits. Here’s a comparison chart to explain the benefits of 10DLC registration over unregistered businesses:

Unregistered Businesses

10DLC Registered Businesses

Reduced Deliverability:

Unregistered traffic is more likely to face delivery issues. Carriers may block or delay messages from unverified sources, leading to lower message deliverability rates.

Enhanced Deliverability:

Registered 10DLC traffic is associated with a verified business entity and use case, which can result in improved message deliverability. Carriers are more likely to trust and prioritize messages from registered sources, reducing the chances of your messages being marked as spam or blocked.

Higher Risk of Being Marked as Spam:

Unregistered traffic is often treated with suspicion by carriers and spam filters. This can result in more of your messages being marked as spam, which can negatively impact your brand's reputation.

Message Prioritization:

Registered 10DLC numbers are often given priority routing, ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients faster and more reliably compared to unregistered traffic.

Lack of Trust:

Messages from unregistered sources may not be trusted by recipients. This lack of trust can lead to lower open and engagement rates, reducing the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns

Trust and Reputation:

Registered 10DLC traffic can help build trust and credibility with your audience. Customers are more likely to engage with messages from known and verified businesses.

Limited Message Volume:

Some carriers may impose restrictions on the volume of messages that can be sent using unregistered traffic. This can limit your ability to reach a large audience effectively.

Higher Throughput:

Registered 10DLC numbers often offer higher throughput or message delivery rates, which can be essential for businesses that need to send time-sensitive messages or high-volume campaigns.

Brand Reputation Risk:

Sending messages from unregistered sources can damage your brand's reputation if recipients perceive your messages as spam or untrustworthy.

Brand Recognition:

Your business name or brand can be associated with registered 10DLC numbers, helping recipients recognize your messages more easily and reducing the likelihood of them blocking or ignoring your messages.

Negative Customer Experience:

Unregistered traffic can lead to a negative customer experience, with recipients perceiving your messages as spam or irrelevant. This can result in a loss of customer trust and engagement.

Customer Trust:

Messages sent from registered 10DLC numbers are more likely to be trusted by recipients, leading to higher engagement rates. Trust is essential for building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Potential for Account Suspension:

Carriers and SMS service providers may suspend or terminate your account if you repeatedly use unregistered traffic for bulk messaging, especially if it violates their terms of service.

Long-Term Sustainability:

Registered 10DLC traffic can provide more stability and a long-term solution for your SMS messaging needs.

Wrapping Up

Understanding how 10DLC registration works with Textdrip is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their SMS marketing efforts. In this article, we have explained how the 10DLC registration works with Textdrip, why it's necessary to comply, and what benefits you’ll gain after completing the 10DLC registration.

Haven’t registered for 10 DLC yet? Contact our support team now at to get assistance with your 10DLC registration. Just provide your EIN and other necessary business information, and we’ll take care of the rest of the things.

Dhaval Gajjar

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