Father's Day Giveaway Ideas

Boost Engagement with These Creative Father's Day Giveaway Ideas via SMS


12 June 2024


Nicole Esters

Father's Day is right around the corner! Do you want to increase your sales on that day this year? If you have not thought about it yet, it's time to do it now. Otherwise, you will miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

In 2023, customers spent almost $22.9 billion on Father's Day; in 2024, this number is expected to grow. Nearly 75% of customers will celebrate Father's Day this year. And from that, around 43% are expected to buy a gift online.

So, don't you think reminding them about your brand through Father's Day giveaway ideas or Father's Day promotion ideas by running SMS marketing campaigns is an excellent idea?

Of course it is!

If you still think Father's Day is not a big deal and you are wondering whether or not you should run an SMS marketing campaign for it, check these stats by the NRF.

  • Customers will spend an average of $171 on gifts this year.
  • Nearly 30% of shoppers prefer gift inspirations from retailers.
  • 40% of people prefer to opt for online shopping Father's Day gifts.

We think these stats are enough to convince you to run Father's Day SMS marketing campaign! However, if you are new to this and don't know where to start and which SMS marketing templates you can use, you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will walk you through some exciting Father's Day marketing ideas that you can implement to boost your sales.

However, before diving deep into these marketing campaign ideas, let us first understand why you should run an SMS marketing campaign.

Why is Running the Father's Day SMS Marketing Campaign Important?

Whether you run clothing, health and wellness, electronics, food, fitness, or any other business online, SMS can help you to gain your consumer's attention and help them buy a gift for their father figures by suggesting your products through SMS.

Besides, Father's Day is not just about sales; it is an opportunity to connect with your audience personally and improve your brand's relevance.

Other than these, here are a few reasons to opt for an SMS marketing campaign this Father's Day.

1) Increased Spending

Generally, people prefer to buy the best gift for their father figures on Father's Day, and for that, they spend generous amounts on gifts, experiences, and dining. It will automatically boost your sales.

2) Personal Connection

Running an emotional and relevant SMS campaign can help you build strong brand recall and reputation by making your brand memorable.  

3) Seasonal Engagement

This season, you can maintain reliable engagement with your target audience through an SMS campaign.

4) Maintain Relevant Promotion

Running an SMS campaign highlighting the dad-specific products can give you a chance to showcase your product range and encourage consumers for the broader exploration of your offerings.

Father's Day Marketing Ideas

1) Father's Day Gift Guide

You can make your shoppers' choice as easy as possible by offering them information about your various products. Whether you have an eCommerce retail business, run a restaurant and bars, or deal in any other business, running a campaign related to universal offers, discounts, and gift sets will be highly appreciated by shoppers.

You can use these templates to run promotional campaigns for Father's Day restaurant ideas or even take inspiration from this to design a Father's Day social media post.

Here is an SMS template that you can use to fit your brand's strategy.

[Your business name]: [First], no need to break your bank account to surprise your Dad this Father's Day!
Check our Father's Day gift guide – all under $40 : [website link]

If you want to give a special discount to shoppers, you can use the following template:

[Your business name]: Hey [First], save [discount value] on a Father's Day gift!
Our exclusive summer collection is live.
Limited time offer only : [Discount URL]

If you deal in a specific product category like clothing or anything else, then you can use this eCommerce SMS template to inform your consumers about your product range.

[Your business name]: Hi [First], are you looking for something more exciting than a tie?
Why don't you check our best-selling Dad's pick here?: [link]

2) Gift That Resonate With Your Dad's Style/Hobby

Finding a creative gift for Dad could be tricky. That's why you can consider your Dad's general interest or hobby, such as any tech gadget, grooming kit, etc., and gift them something that matches their passion.

Here is an SMS template that businesses can use if they deal with such products.

[Your business name]: Hey [First],
Check out the exclusive collection of our smart home gadgets.
We assure you that your Dad would love it: [link]

You can use the SMS template like this if you deal in specific products like shades or perfumes.

[Your business name]: Hey [Firstn],
Want to take the fragrance game to the next level?
Explore our perfume collection here: [link]
Get [Discount value], limited-time offer only: [Discount URL]

3) Subscription-based SMS Template

If you deal in a subscription-based business and want your shoppers to offer it so their fathers can follow their passion for a long time, then a subscription could be the best thing. This subscription could include food products, CDs, coffee bundles, board games, books, etc.

Check out the SMS template to promote your subscription-based service. If you are looking for a platform that combines both subscription-based SMS marketing and pay-as-you-go subscriptions, Textdrip is the right pick for you. Textdrip also supports bulk texting, AI text generation, SMS automation, quick response, scheduled messaging, etc.

Hi [First],
It's your turn to be a hero!
Keep your Dad entertained the whole summer by subscribing him to a monthly book subscription from us:[link]

4) Customized Gifts

If you are into the personalized product-making business, you can promote your business using this SMS template and encourage consumers to buy your products. You can even use the best SMS marketing platform to send personalized messages to your target audience. Text message marketing costs using such platforms are quite affordable.

Hey [First],
Buy any of our [product name] and include your Dad's initials for free.
Limited time offer.
Here is how our personalized product looks: Link].
Reply STOP to opt out.

5) Virtual Gifting

Virtual gifting is the best option for people who cannot meet their Father's physically on Father's Day. You can promote your business through this template if you are in a virtual gifting business, such as with digital gift cards.

Can't meet your Dad this Father's Day?
Send a digital subscription with a personalized note.
Check out our plans: [link].
Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

6) Find a Gift That Resonates With Your Dad's Interest

Two-way texting is an excellent way to give your shopper's more targeted gift ideas. For that, all you need to do is send them a list of keywords. Customers will pick the keyword from that list that best suits their Dad's interest. As per the keyword you receive, you can send shoppers a gift guide tailored to the keyword you have received. It will make finding gifts quite easy for Dad.

Check out this SMS template to send your consumer.

Unsure what to gift your Dad this Father's Day?
We can help.
Text us the word that best describes your Dad & we will send you some great gift ideas. (Foodie, bookworm, sporty, techie)
If a shopper sends you the keyword Foodie, you can send them gift ideas based on it.
Hey [Name], Why don't you check out these great gift ideas for Foodie Dad: [link]

7) Grow Your Database by Giving Reward

There is no doubt that Father's Day is an excellent opportunity to increase sales, but you should not forget that it is the ideal time to collect customer information and increase your subscriber list.

For example, if customers provide you with their details like Name, Number, etc., to join your VIP club, reward them. You can give them a discount.

Here is how you can send them promotional discounts on Father's Day.

Thanks for joining [your business name] 's VIP club.
Here is your discount code coupon [link].
Grab it and treat your Dad with the best this Father's Day!

Make This Father's Day Best With Textdrip

Whether you want to help your shoppers find the best gift for their dads or want to optimize your SMS marketing strategies on one of the biggest holidays this year, hopefully, this blog will help you make it the best Father's Day yet.

 And, if you have any questions, need more Father's Day giveaway ideas, Father's Day promotion ideas, or ready-to-use SMS templates or want to start with the best SMS marketing platform, we are here to help you. You can book a free demo or a 30-day free trial and experience how Textdrip can help you skyrocket your business ROI.


Small businesses can discount specific products or offer bundle deals, give early bird discounts, run a contest to win a reward, host a social media contest, and offer free personalization options as a budget-friendly Father's Day giveaway idea.

Customized digital gift cards, exclusive discount codes, and a chance to win a virtual cooking class, etc., can create engagement and excitement in your SMS marketing campaign.

Online retailers can offer customized gift bundles that resonate with Dad's interest, provide exclusive discounts, free gifts with purchases, and host social media contests to win high-value consumer prizes.

Create engaging content encouraging your followers to participate, like asking them to share stories or photos with their dads through specific hashtags and telling them to tag your account. You can also tell them to follow your page for a chance to win. Announce winners and give them prizes to increase visibility and engagement. 

Nicole Esters

As Textdrip’s CFO, Nicole oversees the company’s financial operations and resource allocation and reviews the company's financial performance. Read More

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