How To Send Bulk Text Messages on Automate


27 November 2023


Dhimant Vyas

What if I tell you that bulk text messaging or mass texting can also be automated?

Bulk SMS marketing has been a go-to marketing channel for individual agents and even large corporations to send promotional offers and communicate with their customers at scale.

Also, I’ve witnessed, more and more organizations from across industries have adopted bulk text messaging to streamline and scale their customer communication efforts. But what exactly is bulk text messaging and how to send bulk text messages on automate?

Let’s understand the intricacies involved in mass text messaging:

What is Bulk Text Messaging?

Bulk texting or mass text messaging is the process of sending the same text message to multiple different recipients at the same time.

Sending bulk text messages is used mostly for marketing purposes to update a large group of people about promotional offers, appointment reminders, schedule meetings, send urgent notifications, and do much more.

Businesses often need automated text messaging software to send bulk messages. SMS marketing automation software like Textdrip makes it effective to reach a large number of users quickly and cost-efficiently.

Most tools offer the bulk texting feature that allows you to circumvent the crowded email channel where your emails may have been buried under others. Text messaging enables you to reach your subscribers through a channel where they actively engage and respond to.

A report by Esendex found that 73% of users open & read each message they receive while 21% read only from recognized senders, taking the SMS open rate to a whopping 94%.

Also, another report from eMarketer found that SMS marketing helps generate around 10 to 20-fold ROI. This only proves that bulk text messaging is an effective way to market your business and promote your products to generate high sales opportunities.

How to Send Bulk Text Messages on Automate?

Sending bulk text messages on automate can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. By following the below steps, you can create engaging and successful campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive sales on automate.

1. Build a Subscriber Base & Collect Their Opt-ins

Before sending a business or marketing text message, it's essential to gain explicit permission from your subscribers. You can collect their opt-ins through various channels like your website, social media, etc. Here are a few methods to collect opt-ins and build a subscriber list:

  • Create a dedicated landing page to collect opt-in information

  • Integrate the landing page on your website

  • Use social media platforms to promote SMS subscription

  • Display the signup checkbox at the checkout page

  • Offer signup incentive or discount

Ensure that your subscribers have willingly provided their contact information and agreed to receive your messages.

2. Select a Bulk Texting Automation Tool

Choosing the right automation tool is crucial for a successful bulk texting campaign. You want to look for an automated texting service provider that offers competitive SMS marketing pricing, high message deliverability, user-friendly interfaces, and other necessary features for bulk SMS campaigns.

Textdrip is one such cost-effective business text messaging software to send bulk text messages. It offers features like contact management, message scheduling, auto lead distribution, 3rd-party integrations, AI message generator, and others. You can start as low as $19.99 per month and send bulk texts at $0.024 per message.

3. Create Your First Bulk Texting Campaign

Once you have decided on the bulk texting automation tool, the next step is to create the first drip texting campaign that runs on autopilot. The drip campaign feature allows you to create a series of text messages that are sent at a predetermined interval to a large group of recipients.

For instance, you set the duration between two successive messages in minutes, days, and hours. Additionally, your selected tool should allow you to add as many messages as you require.

With Textdrip, you can do so plus use AI tools like AI Message Generator or Spintext to craft a compelling message or send different versions of a single message to your subscribers.

4. Import Your Contacts and Assign Them to a Desired Campaign

After creating the bulk texting campaigns, start importing your list of contacts to your SMS automation tool. While importing the contacts, you can segment your audiences through Bucket or Campaigns and assign them to specific campaigns.

Doing so allows you to send specific and relevant messages to your subscribers and compel them to take action. Also, you can segment your subscribers based on their interests, preferences, or demographics by creating multiple CSV files.

This helps in sending targeted messages to the right audience. While you can import unlimited contacts, a single CSV file should only contain up to 5000 contacts.

5. Test Everything Before Sending Text Blasts

Testing your campaigns before sending bulk texts to actual recipients is crucial to see if everything works in order. Thoroughly test your messages, check for any errors, ensure links are working correctly, and verify that your messages are concise and compelling.

You can send test text messages to yourself or a small group of your associates to check for potential issues. This helps ensure that all elements in the bulk text messaging work seamlessly and plan the next steps of the campaign for a smooth campaign execution.

6. Provide Value and A/B Test Different Aspects

Your first text message to subscribers will have a great impact on the lifetime value of your customers. Transition from sending the generic "Hello" phase and provide tangible value to your recipients.

Clearly articulate the benefits they stand to gain, be it exclusive content, discounts, or valuable information. Ensure your message distinctly outlines the advantages they will enjoy by staying subscribed to your SMS campaigns.

Also, throughout the campaign, try out various tones in your messaging, experiment with different styles of content, and test various calls to action (CTAs). Introduce a sense of urgency when it aligns with your goals to prompt immediate action.

7. Make Your Campaign Live

After you are satisfied with the test results for your bulk texting automation, it’s finally time to make your campaigns live. Schedule the messages at times when your audience is most likely to be active.

Also, keep the following best practices and tips in mind:

  1. Ensure you send texts to opted-in contacts

  2. Keep your SMS short and to the point

  3. Time the delivery of your text messages

  4. Personalize the message & provide value

  5. Insert a compelling CTA at the end

  6. Don’t go overboard with sending too many messages

  7. Provide a clear way to opt out of receiving texts

  8. Keep compliance for text messages in mind

  9. Send the right message at the right time

8. Measure & Optimize the Performance of Your Bulk SMS Campaigns

Once your campaign goes live, regularly analyze key performance metrics provided by your automation tool. Track delivery rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to make informed decisions, optimize your strategy, and enhance the effectiveness of future campaigns.

Additionally, implementing A/B testing allows you to discern the most impactful elements, facilitating the continuous optimization of your campaigns. Utilize these insights to achieve superior results in your marketing efforts.

Start Your Bulk Text Messaging Journey With Textdrip

Sending bulk text messages with text message automation tools like Textdrip is efficient and convenient. We make it easy for users to connect with their subscribers at scale by offering features such as drip campaigns, multiple numbers, multiple profiles, and many more.

Want to know how we can help you with your bulk text messaging needs? Book a demo with us or contact our sales team to experience the difference Textdrip can bring to your business communication needs.

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