Bulk SMS Marketing Starter Guide — How to Create Bulk SMS Drip Campaign? [Infographic]

While we all are getting acquainted with the new mobile age, businesses have found an opportunity out of this.

Once used for sending short messages to family and friends, SMS has become a go-to promotional or an integral digital marketing tool.

Since the dawn of mobile phone technology, SMS has been an effective way to communicate with your loved ones or a consumer or customer if you are a business.

With the advent of bulk SMS marketing & automation tools, sending short, relevant, and concise messages has become seamless. But what does bulk SMS marketing mean?

How to do bulk SMS marketing? What are the benefits of bulk SMS? How to get mobile numbers for SMS bulk marketing? And is it effective?

Individuals or small businesses that are getting started with bulk SMS marketing would require answers to such questions. That’s where this detailed infographic guide comes in.

This infographic provides you with all the answers you need to start your bulk SMS marketing journey. So, let’s grasp the concept of bulk texting.

Bulk SMS Marketing: Benefits, Tips, Statistics, Cost, and How to Do It