Real Estate Text Message Marketing: Best Practices For 2024


06 June 2024


TJ Gaushas

Do you know on which your real estate business's success depends? It's on how well you nurture relationships with your clients. And the best way to connect with your prospects is through real estate text message marketing. Nowadays, around 7.21 billion people use smartphones. So, don't you think you will miss the opportunity if you don't give text marketing for real estate a shot?

Establishing a solid relationship between buyers and sellers is vital for real estate business; you can try SMS marketing to nurture and explore leads. With a properly strategized and planned SMS marketing campaign, you can reach potential clients at the right time with the right message. SMS marketing allows you to connect with customers personally and instantly. It can increase engagement and conversion rates significantly. Besides, with an almost 98% open rate, you cannot overlook SMS marketing.  

This blog will walk you through how to leverage real estate text message marketing along with best practices and strategies. Let's get dive into it.

What is real estate text message marketing?

SMS marketing means marketing through text messages. This marketing method lets you stay in touch with your customers, promote your real estate business, and generate new leads. Text marketing for real estate is a simple, quick, and cost-effective marketing approach. SMS marketing pricing will not make a hole in your pocket!!

Sounds unbelievable?

Here are a few statistics that show how effective real estate text message marketing is.

  • Generally, people read SMS within 5 minutes.
  • Most people check their mobile phones 344 times per day.
  • Text message marketing offers a high conversation rate that beats all other marketing channels.
  • 85% of customers prefer to receive a text message over a voice call or an email.

It proves that nowadays, people are glued to their phones, and this habit prompts them to check their mobile phones without opening any other apps like email or any other social media platforms.

Through text messages, it is quite easy to get noticed. Therefore, if SMS marketing is not part of the marketing strategy for your real estate business, it's high time to include it.

The following section will explain how to use text marketing for real estate.

How can you use SMS marketing for your real estate business?

You can think of SMS real estate marketing as an add-on to your current marketing strategies. Yes! You read it right. There is no need to get rid away of marketing techniques that you are already using.

Here are a few simple ways in which you can use SMS marketing.

1) Arrange meetings with potential clients.

You can schedule the appointment in person, by phone, or by email. Another effective way is through SMS. It is easy and quick. The best part is that you can even send follow-up messages to remind clients about your meeting. Besides, if you want to be more efficient, you can use an SMS marketing platform that sends automatic SMSs to your prospects. With this kind of software, you will get scheduled text message options. So, you can expect a quick response, too.

2) Give the latest information about properties to the target audience.

In a real estate business, you must stay in touch with your target audience to generate leads. You need to send prospects property information and update social media handles regularly.

Using SMS marketing, you can easily keep interested sellers and buyers informed. You can write a text message and send it in bulk. Through real estate text message marketing, you can reach a wider audience, as not everyone spends time on Facebook or checks their emails on a regular basis.

3) Invite potential home buyers to events.

In real estate businesses, you must go through the hustle and bustle of real estate event organization. In a limited time, you need to do lots of things. Here is where text message marketing can lessen your workload. You can send bulk SMS to prospects who are interested. Besides, you can use the SMS marketing platform to automate text messages.

4) Promote open house events through MMS.

Real estate business is all about connecting and establishing solid connections with your clients. In this business, you will succeed if you can grab the audience's attention. Of course, you can promote the open house events through text messages, but don't you think including pictures or digital flyers will make them look more appealing? You can do this via SMS through the MMS function.

5) Gather contact information

Many times, you lose the contact details of your prospects. To avoid that, you can use SMS communication. You can tell prospects who have opted in to receive text messages from your business to send their contact details, such as name, age, email ID, city, budget, details regarding the property they are looking for, etc.

6) Timely follow-up with clients

In the real estate business, you must understand how important it is to do timely follow-ups. If you give a late reply to a client, there is a high chance that you will lose the client. If you don't want such things to happen to you, you can use text marketing to do follow-ups with clients.

7) Use keyword shortcodes

If you want to communicate quickly and efficiently with your prospects, then use keyword shortcodes. The keyword shortcode mean a shortcode that you assign to property listings.

For example, you can assign shortcode such as HOUSE25 to specific property and tell prospects to text you this shortcode on your number if they want more information regarding house. 

to 653456 
for more information on this property listing

Whenever the prospect send you this shortcode, they will get more information about this property. 

1 Keystone Parade
Price: $10 million
10 bed/10bath
Sq. ft: 10000
More info: [link]
Agent: [Your Name]

If the prospect sends you a keyword code, you will know which property they are interested in and what information to provide to them.

Best Practices To Follow For Real Estate Text Message Marketing

If you want your text marketing for real estate to generate the results you are expecting from it, you need to implement these best practices.

1) Generate Leads Through Relevant Opt-In Keywords

Before you decide to send text messages to prospects, you need to find out how you will get subscribers for your SMS plan. You need to be creative about it. There are many ways to do it. You can go for a gift card giveaway at real estate events. So, people who are interested will sign the coupon with their number and Name to be a part of the contest.

Besides that, you can use shortcodes that prospects will send you to opt-in to receive messages from your business. You can include these SMS keywords in your advertisement and assign a unique code to each property, which will let you segment prospects based on their interest. So you can send them relevant information that will increase the chances of successful conversions.

2) Strictly Follow SMS Marketing Rules

Text message marketing is permission-based. You must know your country and region's local laws and regulations. Understanding and strictly following it will ensure your business doesn't need to pay hefty fines and save you from violation. So, you must follow TCPA guidelines and CTIA if you are operating a business in the US. Besides, you need to ensure 10DLC compliance. When you adhere to these rules, it clearly means that you can only send text messages to people who are interested in it. Do not send unsolicited messages.

3) Choose the Reliable SMS Marketing Platform.

Various SMS marketing platforms are available, so choosing the one is tricky. However, explore features and capabilities such as scheduled messaging, bulk texting, SMS automation, quick response, opt-out keywords, AI text generator, etc. Ensure your chosen platform can easily integrate with your existing tools and systems.

4) Create Attention-Grabbing Text Messages.

SMS has a limit of 160 characters, so each word matters. Create a short, crisp, clear message with a proper CTA. Before sending text messages, double-check them. When your message is well-crafted, you can expect high conversion rates.

Here are a few examples of text messages for real estate.

Open House Invitation

Suppose you have arranged an open house and want to invite prospects for it you can use this template for the open house invitation.

 Hi [first]!
We have arranged an open house on [date] at [time].
We would love to see you there!

Schedule A Meeting

If you want to schedule a meeting with interested prospects regarding specific property, you can use this template.

Hey [first],
Check out this stunning property in [area]: 3 beds, 3 baths, and superb amenities.
Here is the [link].
Reply "Y" to schedule a meeting.

5) Ensure the Frequency & Timing is Right

Nobody likes to be woken by SMS at 2 AM, right? Therefore, to avoid such a situation, check the time zone before sending the text message. Also, don't send too many messages frequently. It may frustrate your target audience. As per the study, the best days to send text messages are Tuesday and Thursday, and the best time is between 12 PM and 1 PM. 

6) Audience Segmentation will Provide You with Maximum Impact.

Everyone loves to receive relevant information. For that, audience segmentation is a must. When you have a more segmentated audience base, you can create more relevant text messages which can improve your SMS click-through rates and conversions. So, consider factors like gender, age, demographics, location, budget, property type preference, etc., and craft SMS marketing campaigns accordingly.

7) Analyze Success & Adjust the Strategy Accordingly.

To track the success of your SMS marketing campaign, you must constantly pay attention to how well the campaign is performing. You need to track metrics like delivery rates, click-through rates, conversions, or other relevant metrics according to your campaigns. Choose an SMS marketing platform that makes it easy to measure these metrics to check what is working and what is not. It will give you an idea of where you need to adjust your strategy to enjoy maximum ROI.


In a nutshell, text message marketing can be powerful in connecting with clients, generating leads, scheduling, and reminding them regarding appointments. It is a cost-effective way to send information to prospects. The best part is that you can experience a much higher response rate than with emails.

In simple terms, text marketing for real estate offers more personal conversation compared to email. Following the above-discussed practices and strategies and focusing on making your message crisp, clear, and concise will bring significant benefits your way.

Also, if you are searching for the best SMS marketing platform to accelerate real estate marketing efforts, Textdrip is the right pick. Textdrip can simplify your real estate marketing with ready-to-use SMS templates, a 30-day free trial, and up to 2500 credits. So, without giving it a second thought, sign up today.


Text marketing for real estate is effective due to high open and response rates, better personalization, efficient conversations, and cost-effectiveness. It provides you with high engagement and conversion rates, ultimately boosting sales.

Some best practices for real estate text message marketing are audience segmentation, choosing the right time and frequency, using relevant opt-in and opt-out keywords and reliable text message service providers, following SMS marketing regulations, etc.

Yes, you can text real estate leads, as it is a highly efficient way to contact leads. It is a quick, personalized, and preferred way to contact many individuals.

Yes, text message marketing is legal if you comply with and follow the existing SMS marketing rules and regulations.

TJ Gaushas

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