Why Textdrip is the Most Cost-Effective Zipwhip Alternative: A Detailed Comparison


15 September 2023


TJ Gaushas

One of the most talked about things for the past couple of years is Twilio shutting down its recently acquired text messaging platform — Zipwhip. After a sensationalized acquisition in July 2021 at a transaction value of around $850 million, it was to strengthen Twilio’s messaging business by adding another arm to offer an affordable and trusted A2P channel.

However, just after the acquisition Twilio announced that it plans to shut down the platform permanently. This move by Twilio stranded the 35,000+ users of Zipwhip on a sinking ship and were asked to port to other A2P texting platforms.

This made me and everyone else wonder why Twilio bought Zipwhip in the first place and why it was shut down soon after the acquisition. Well, let’s get deeper into the same and understand how Textdrip is the most cost-effective Zipwhip alternative for all its users.

What is Zipwhip & Why It's Shutting Down?

Zipwhip was an Application-to-Person text messaging service provider founded in 2007 to enable businesses to interact with their customers. It essentially was a convenient communication tool leveraged by 35,000+ businesses through the course to engage with their customers via text.

It enabled businesses to run SMS marketing and automation campaigns at cost-effective rates for enhanced customer engagement and increased sales opportunities. The platform was acquired by Twilio in July 2021 and was planned to shut down by December 1st, 2022, which got delayed by a year to December 1st, 2023.

The reasons for Twilio to end the life of its recently acquired text messaging platform are still unknown. However, we might guess it’s because of the shifting A2P landscape scenario and new regulations coming into effect. This will put the burden on Twilio to handle a vast number of Zipwhip users' registration and compliance with new regulations.

While this is just a guess from my end, it's possible that the actual reason may differ completely for Twilio to shut down Zipwhip. Regardless, customers have been marooned and forced to choose a Zipwhip alternative to continue their business texting needs.

Important Dates to Remember Before Twilio Zipwhip Messaging Shuts Down

Customers were initially given an April 30, 2022 deadline to make changes to their Zipwhip subscription services while end-of-life was scheduled for December 1, 2022. However, it was later delayed by 1 year and the new end-of-life for Zipwhip is set for December 1, 2023.

Though it’s scheduled to end on December 1, there are several important dates for Zipwhip customers to remember and find an alternative option. Let’s have a look at them:

It looks like Twilio Zipwhip customers have less than a few months to set up a new home for their messaging needs. So, if you are a Zipwhip customer, you have until November 30th to find a suitable and most cost-effective solution and migrate your data safely.

What’s the Most Cost-effective Zipwhip Alternative and why?

Since Twilio had no similar service to Zipwhip, there is no migration path for Zipwhip users after the texting service shuts down. It has no out-of-the-box solution that acts as a replacement for Zipwhip. Thus, Twilio recommended its long-time partners as potential alternatives to Zipwhip.

Unfortunately, those recommendations are not the most cost-effective solution as Zipwhip was. This forces the users to select expensive and non-reliant Zipwhip alternatives for SMS marketing. We’ve already explained how Twilio-recommended tools are not capable enough and how Textdrip is the best Zipwhip alternative on all fronts.

Let’s get to know the same in detail by starting with the cost and pricing structure:

SMS Marketing Tool Price & Cost:

Pricing for the two of the Twilio recommended tools is not available while the other 3 tools have relatively high pricing structures when compared head-on with Textdrip. Moreover, only one Twilio-recommended tool offers a flexible text messaging limit like Zipwhip.

Textdrip, on the other hand, follows a simple pricing structure. Unlike other tools, we don’t offer tiered pricing to make it complicated to choose what fits best for your messaging needs. With one monthly subscription plan and the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go model costing $0.012 per message, Textdrip is one of the best options to explore.

You can experience the magic of Textdrip by availing a one-month risk-free trial with 1000 complimentary credits that no one else in the industry offers and decide for yourself later whether to continue or not. Also, you get a 20% discount on the credit purchase value of $100 or above. This effectively reduces your per-message charge from $0.012 to $0.0096.

So, imagine your business has to send 10,000 messages a month. Sending such a high volume of messages will only cost you $96, plus the $34.99 subscription charge per month once the trial period ends. The same would cost you over $300, plus a subscription fee charged by the rest of the Twilio recommended tools. This comparison makes Textdrip a clear winner on the pricing front.

Feature Comparison

A tool is said to be cost-effective only when it satisfies the criteria of being the most affordable while offering the most premium features. Since we already established that Textdrip is the most affordable tool compared to others, let’s see how it fairs in feature comparison.

According to the detailed feature comparison chart, you can see the most essential features offered by Textdrip are omitted by the Twilio-recommended Zipwhip alternatives.

For instance, features like setting up drip campaigns, SMS automation, message scheduling, multiple numbers, auto lead distribution, page builder, DNC check, AI text generators, credit sharing, and others are either not available or available with a high tiered plan.

Thus, not only do you pay extra for additional features, but you also pay more for your monthly messaging needs. Even then you may never get the features offered by Textdrip at affordable prices. Thus, this makes Textdrip one of the most cost-effective text messaging solutions for your needs.

User Ratings

Another aspect where Textdrip beats the rest of Zipwhip alternatives in almost all aspects is user ratings. Users have generously rated Textdrip since it meets their requirements, provides ease of use, offers ease of admin, quality support, and has been a good partner in doing business.

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Also, we have the highest star rating of 4.8 while the same for the other Zipwhip alternatives range from 4.5 to 4.6. This should give you enough idea that Textdrip is people’s choice to automate their SMS marketing needs. Be it from real estate, insurance, automotive, eCommerce, non-profit, or other agencies, your business will get the best outcomes from Textdrip.

Customer Support

Textdrip stands out among Zipwhip alternatives with its exceptional customer support for SMS marketing. According to user reviews, our customer support team is highly responsive and provides prompt assistance. We are known for our dedication to addressing customer queries and concerns, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Unlike some of Zipwhip's alternatives, Textdrip offers personalized support and strives to understand the unique needs of each customer. This level of attention and care sets Textdrip apart, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient customer support in the realm of SMS marketing.

No Time to Wait — Act Now, Switch Now

The deadline for Zipwhip end-of-life is around the corner now and it’s high time for active Zipwhip users to act now and switch to Textdrip — the #1 cost-effective Zipwhip alternative. The sooner you make a move, the better it’ll be for you to enjoy the uninterrupted messaging services.

Take a 1-month risk-free trial now to experience the magic of Textdrip and automate your text messaging campaigns. Talk to our experts and see how we can help your business leverage the true potential of Textdrip and grow your sales opportunities.

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