Top 5 Cost-Effective Tools for SMS Marketing Automation


29 June 2023


Nicole Esters

Looking for the top cost-effective tool for SMS marketing automation?

SMS marketing is an effective way to engage with your target audiences and tools like Textdrip help you leverage the power of text messaging.

While the majority of SMS automation tools are a little on the expensive side, more affordable and cost-effective tools are available today. The evolving marketing landscape has given rise to numerous SMS Marketing Automation Software that caters to diverse business needs.

Whether you want a tool that is most budget-friendly, offers advanced personalization features, has the best deliverability, or offers seamless integrations, I’m going to list some top cost-effective tools for you. So, let’s get started:

Top 5 Cost-effective Text Message Marketing Automation Tools

Let’s have a look at some top budget-friendly and effective tools:


Well, Textdrip is the obvious choice and one of the popular cost-effective SMS marketing automation tools currently in the market. The reason for being obvious is that users have reviewed the platform graciously thanks to its ease of use, continuous upgrade, and great customer service experience.

Moreover, many business owners have switched from other similar tools to Textdrip as they find greater value in our SMS marketing tool. And I’m not making this up, see our reviews on Capterra yourself:

While there are several aspects that need to be addressed from our end, however, we have the vision to become the market-leading customer relationship and SMS automation company.

Here’s the set of SMS marketing features Textdrip offers:

  • Unlimited data imports
  • Message scheduling
  • Drip campaigns
  • Bulk texting
  • Two-way texting
  • MMS messaging
  • Personalization
  • And many more…

Pricing: Textdrip follows a simple pricing structure with a base plan starting at $34.99 a month with the first month free to try the whole product using 1000 free credits. Also, the additional credits cost only around $0.012 per credit or $12 per 1000 credits and 1 SMS of 160 characters consumes 1 credit.


JookSMS is another easy-to-use bulk SMS messaging tool you can consider. Even though the platform is relatively new and doesn’t have many reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2 where Textdrip shines, it still includes features such as bulk sending, contact import, API access, SMS triggers, tags, and message scheduling.

It allows you to create different campaigns to automate sending targeted messages to the right people at the right time.

Pricing: JookSMS offers one prepaid and two monthly plans. The Basic plan starts at $25 which includes only 1033 SMSs and the Gold plan starts at $50 which includes 2233 SMSs. The prepaid plan starts at $0.026 per SMS. Moreover, long-distance number or toll-free number purchases cost extra.


The next tool on my list is Sakari. Sakari is also a SaaS-based text message service provider similar to Textdrip. The tool is also generously reviewed on the Capterra for the ease of use, customer service, and features it offers.

Talking about features, Sakari offers unlimited contact imports, 2-way messaging, campaigns, MMS messaging, and others similar to Textdrip. Even though the tool offers several business text messaging features like reminders, alerts, and confirmations, it still lags behind in many capabilities compared to Textdrip.

Pricing: Sakari’s plans are a little on the budget-friendly side but not as budget-friendly as Textdrip. Their plans start from $16 a month for sending 500 messages and go up to $640 for sending 25000 messages with additional customizable plan.


ClickSend is another top SMS marketing tool that enables businesses to automate sending alerts, notifications, and confirmations. The platform also allows you to send mass texts anywhere in the world

In addition to bulk texting, ClickSend also includes 2-way texting, message automation, MMS messages, email to SMS, and many other features for business texting. Moreover, it offers several integrations with its SMS marketing platform.

Pricing: ClickSend offers pay-as-you-go pricing where you’ll be charged $0.024 per SMS if you send under 5K messages, or $0.0086 per SMS if you send over 250k messages. Additionally, they charge an extra fee for a dedicated number purchase or dedicated shortcode purchase & setup fee. Textdrip has no SMS limitations, to begin with, and does not charge a setup or number purchase fee.


SMSBump is a Yotpo-owned SMS marketing tool that helps eCommerce businesses drive more sales with targeted SMS and email automation campaigns. It offers advanced personalization features, A/B testing, and a built-in event calendar to spark meaningful conversations with eCommerce shoppers.

Moreover, it provides you with the option to use triggered texts and emails to build a flow that fits your brand perfectly. However, it only has integrations with eCommerce brands like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Adobe Commerce, which limits its target audiences to those who use those platforms only.

Pricing: SMSBump offers four different plans and each of which comes with different features and the costs to send one SMS vary in each plan. For instance, it can cost you $16.5 to $13 per 1000 SMS based on the plan you select. Textdrip has no such disparity when it comes to the cost of sending one SMS, it only costs $0.012 or $12 for 1000 SMSs.


Sure, each one of us wants to pick the right SMS marketing automation software the first time. However, it’s possible that you may pick the wrong one initially and want to switch from your existing platform to another one due to reasons including bad experience, limited functionalities, or high expenditure on sending SMSs when you want to scale your SMS marketing efforts.

Out of all the tools discussed above, Textdrip is one of the most popular and cost-effective solutions for your SMS marketing automation needs. Take the demo and see for yourself how Textdrip is better than the rest. You can also talk to our sales team for more details on how our SMS marketing software can help you get better leads and sales, and automate your marketing.

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