5 Solar Marketing Strategies & Tools Renewable Energy Companies Can Use with SMS


31 January 2024


Dhaval Gajjar

The solar and renewable energy market size is estimated to be 434.54 gigawatts in 2024 and is expected to rise to 700.15 gigawatts by 2029, with a CAGR of 10.01% between 2024-2029.

Renewable energy companies provide products and services that harness the power of the Sun, wind, and other renewable energy sources. Similarly, they can harness the power of SMS marketing to power up their business and stay in touch with customers for direct and immediate communication.

Everyone is aware of solar energy and the benefits that come with it, but do they know what benefits your solar company offers?

I was talking to my friend who recently installed solar panels in his house. He explained to me all the benefits and how good and positive experience he had with the solar company he chose. Upon asking how he got to know everything about solar, he said that the company regularly sends him updates, reminders, and alerts over the phone.

SMS is one of the powerful Solar marketing strategies. It gives you a ray of hope for your business and improves your relationship with not only your customers but also new prospects who are considering getting solar products. To get you started, here are some solar SMS marketing strategies you can use:

Solar Marketing Strategies: 5 SMS Tactics to Try

Most consumers in the USA are used to communicating with businesses through SMS channels, and following strategies will help you get noticed by your customers. Let’s get to know the strategies in depth:

1. Use Visuals to Your Benefit

Text messages today aren’t limited to just text or words; you can now attach visual content such as images, GIFs, emojis, and others with your messages. Send attractive and informative visual data about solar and green energy through MMS messages and compel your customers to switch to solar.

You can also create visuals that explain the benefits of switching to solar energy, installation steps, FAQs, how solar panels work, the impact of non-renewable energy sources, etc. Also, people are likely to remember visual information more accurately than messages that include only text information.

Tools to use: Canva for visual image creation and Textdrip for sending your MMS messages.

2. Be Educative than Salesy

While you want to sell your products with all the means necessary, it’s not the right approach to get more customers. With thoughtful education, you can build a fruitful relationship with your customers and create a lasting impression.

As explained above, educate and nurture your customers with visual content and detailed guides that you can send as links for them to get more information. You can even direct them to your blogs or other helpful resources where they can do their own research and educate themselves about your solar products.

For instance, you can provide your customers with a link that takes them to a calculator that helps your prospective customers determine how much solar installation will cost them. Such information allows them to make informed decisions.

Tools to use: Calcapp to embed calculators on your website and Textdrip for sending informative content & links.

3. Communicate Sponsorships, Incentives and Special Promotions

Many states offer sponsorships and special incentives for switching to solar energy. SMS is the perfect channel to communicate these state-offered incentives and sponsorships with your prospects. You can also offer additional promotions and deals from your end to ensure your prospects move down to your SMS sales funnel.

Additionally, you can even use this situation as a way to increase your subscriber list. Ask your customers who live in states that don’t offer any incentives or sponsorships to join your SMS list. Thus, when the solar incentives become available, you can send them SMS alerts about the same and ask them to avail of the benefits.

SMS alerts that create a sense of urgency or promotions, like flash sales and limited-time offers, could perform well.

Tools to use: You can use any eCommerce platform with flash sales or other promotional functions and Textdrip to send alerts about incentives, sponsorships, and other deals.

4. Share Updates, Reminders, and Follow-up Messages

Reminders, updates, and follow-up text messages are another helpful SMS marketing strategy that keeps your solar brand on the top of your customer's minds. You can send your customers a consultation reminder, update them about solar installation pricing, send maintenance reminders, and follow up after the first meeting.

Additionally, the SMS channel allows you to send appointment scheduling links and even automate SMS reminders when the appointment date approaches. The best time to send reminders for any event or appointment is one to three days before the scheduled date.

Apart from these, you can also send updates about financing options, some DIY tips, environmental impact, and others that help your solar and renewable agency get noticed by customers.

Tools to use: Calendly for scheduling appointments and Textdrip for appointment reminders, updates, and follow-up Q&As.

5. Ask for Testimonials & Reviews from Your Past Customers

Research has found that reviews have influenced the buying decisions of 93% of users. And there’s a high probability that your customers may need a little more convincing than just explaining all the benefits of switching to solar.

Social proof, in terms of past client reviews and testimonials, helps consumers make an informed decision about your solar products. When your prospects see and read the experiences your clients had with your solar and renewable company, they are more likely to trust and buy from you.

Now, the question is how you can get more reviews. Try sending your past customers an SMS asking them to leave a review and testimonial for your business with a link to the review platform. You can even send them an exciting incentive or coupon to sweeten the deal.

Tools to use: Trustpilot, G2, Capterra, etc., for review collection and Textdrip to send review request messages.

Beat Your Solar Competition with Textdrip

The solar and renewable energy industry continues to advance and expand as the solar market adds 33 gigawatts (GW) in 2023 and will be the largest source of generating capacity on the US grid by 2050. This translates into more and more companies beginning to pop up, leading to a highly competitive industry.

With SMS solar marketing strategies by your side, you can stand out from the crowd. Platforms like Textdrip allow you to automate your SMS marketing and improve your customer relationships. It’s en route to becoming a complete CRM that your solar and renewable energy business can use for seamless customer communication.

So, beat your competition today by taking a Upto 30 Days free trial and get Upto 2500 free complimentary credits to experience the whole platform. Book a demo now and send personalized messages to 100 or 100,000 customers to grow your solar business.

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