SMS Marketing Ideas: Strategies to Boost Attendance and Engagement


20 May 2024


Nicole Esters

SMS marketing is an effective way to increase sales by encouraging customers to engage with your brand.

Picture this: Suppose a cafe owner wants to grow his SMS contact list by collecting information from potential leads. For that, he can run a giveaway campaign. 

When a prospect opts in to receive messages from his cafe, he can offer them a chance to win a free gift hamper of cupcakes, chocolates, or anything that resonates with his brand. 

This strategy will boost the engagement rate which can lead to a higher conversion rate. 

Sounds fantastic, right?

This scenario shows how effective and relevant SMS marketing is. You only need to grab the right SMS marketing ideas and send relevant text messages to your prospects. As per the study, consumers are more likely to open and respond to SMS messages than emails. The open rate is 98% and the response rate is 45%. 

So, suppose you want to start a personalized SMS campaign with short messages to the subscribers intending to take specific actions like browsing your website, taking exclusive sales, etc. In that case, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we have curated a list of SMS marketing campaign ideas suitable for every business. So, if you feel text messaging can become a key part of your marketing efforts, check out these text marketing ideas to reach potential consumers, engage them, provide automated replies to solve their queries, and drive more sales.

12 SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas

1) Welcome Message

Whenever any new user signs up on your online store/e-commerce website, you can send the welcome message along with a proper call to action. This welcome message will explain why they should subscribe to your SMS notifications, redirect them to your website to explore new products, and even encourage a new sale if you include the sign-up discount.

Here is how you can do this.

[Brand Name]: Welcome to [Brand Name]!
We are glad you are here.
You will be the first to learn about our new designs and exclusive offers.
To unsubscribe, reply STOP.
Let's start the magic.

2) New Product Launch

Do you want to introduce your brand-new product to your subscribers? Send them an SMS with a sneak peek of your new product. It will help you create a buzz around your products and build up customer anticipation.

Use this template to send the message.

It's now only five days until [product name] debuts!
Are you ready for this upgrade?
Enjoy the sneak peek of [prodcut name] while you wait!

3) Order Confirmation

Whenever a consumer purchases a product from your website or store and provides you with their details like name, phone number, etc, you can send them a thank you note along with an order confirmation message. It will improve your brand's image and boost brand awareness.

Here is an SMS template that you can use to send a message.

[Brand Name]: Thank you for your order, [customer name]!
We are preparing your order, which will be delivered by [date].
Till then, you can check our latest products at [link].
Thank You!

4) Discount/Offer

Whenever you are creating an SMS campaign for your business, don't forget to include this SMS marketing idea. You can send your subscribers a discount/offer alert message and let them know by subscribing to your SMS campaign; they will receive discount codes, sale alerts, and VIP sale alerts.

Use this SMS template to send details about discounts/offers.

[Brand Name]: Holiday Offer. Free [Product Name] when you spend [amount] or more.
Start Gifting: [Link]
Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Thank You!

5) Blog/Content Promotion Of Your Company

If you want organic traffic for your business, include regular content updates on your website in the form of SEO-friendly blogs or content feeds. It will help you generate new leads, establish solid brand awareness, and inform your readers about the features and benefits of your product or service.

You can send text messages to your subscribers using this template.

[Brand Name]: Are you curious about how our [product name] is made?
Want to know the step-by-step process?
Here you go: [blog link]

6) Alert Message Regarding Restocked Products

Whenever you restock any products, sending an SMS to your subscribers is a great way to inform them. Such updates encourage them to stay subscribed. When sending such messages, include a free shipping code and remind them that as subscribers, they will get the first alert about restocked items. Also, inform them that as the specific product is popular, it is likely to sell out after being restocked. You can even send automated SMS messages to consumers who have purchased the restocked item in the past.

Grab this SMS template to send an alert message.

[Brand Name]: We have restocked your favorite product [product name] + Free shipping on orders worth [amount].
Use this code [code] to get the offer.
Shop Now!

7) Weekly/Monthly Tips

Sending weekly or monthly tips is an excellent strategy to encourage customers to trust and engage with your brand. You can send bite-sized content to your subscribers and win their trust. You can send some tips that revolve around DIY projects using your products, safety tips, how to save money while using discount codes to buy your product/service, etc. You can use such tips to preview your long-form content and attach a link for people wanting to continue reading.

Here is the SMS template.

[Brand Name]: Generally, floods occur between [month] and [month], but they can strike any location that experiences heavy rainfall.

Here are tips to keep your home floodproof.

  1. Keep gutters debris-free.
  2. Invest in insurance.

To learn more tips, click here: [link]
Thank You!  

8) Upcoming Event Promotion

Inform your subscribers about the upcoming event you are hosting. It will increase audience engagement and potential sales. With this text message, you can include event information, social media links, RSVP options, event reminders, etc.

Use this SMS template to text your subscribers about your upcoming event.

[Business Name]: Hi [Customer Name]! It's Christmas Week! Get ready for:
The BIGGEST Sale Ever tomorrow starting at [time].
Event RSVP: [link]
Join our FB group: [link]

9) Ask For Feedback or Encourage Consumers to Read Reviews

Online reviews play a major role in making or breaking any business's reputation. It helps maintain the company's relevancy, and consumers easily trust businesses that have positive and recent reviews. These reviews can easily influence other people's decisions to buy your product or service. Whenever you receive any negative reviews, send customers personalized messages so you can get an idea of how you can improve consumer safety.

Grab this template.

[Brand Name]: Hey [Consumer Name], We would love to see you back.
We have over 3000 reviews; check out here: [link].
You can share yours here: [link].

10) Encourage Consumers For Social Media Platform Engagement

Does your company/business have active social media accounts? If so, you can run regular SMS marketing campaigns. It will help promote your products, increase reach, and improve follower counts. You can promote your Facebook live videos, social media contests, and promotional videos.

Here is the SMS template that you can use.

[Brand Name]: Hi [Consumer Name]! Tune in today at [time] to find out what items are 50% OFF during our Weekly Facebook Live.
The sale ends @ [time].

11) Preorder Opportunity Alert

If you launch new products every week, month, season, or year, you can launch an SMS marketing campaign that includes information about preordering. With preorder text messages, include the product cost, link to preorder the product, and the dates customers can preorder and receive their orders.

Let's check out the SMS template and how you can do this.

[Brand Name]: [November] Kits are open for preorder! Pay [amount] for your kit – [link].
Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Thank You!

12) Segmentation

You can implement a segmentation SMS campaign to give your customers a personalized experience based on their preferences and activities. Here is how you can do this.

[Consumer Name]: We are swapping numbers. Add us to your contact list and reply with ONE number from the below options. So we can know you better.
1 – You love hiking
2 – You are a beach person
3 – You love sports
4 – You are here for stylish [products].

Signing Off

If you are ready to bring your SMS marketing ideas to life, Textdrip can help you. Setting up automated SMS campaigns with the Textdrip messaging platform provides an easy and effective way to reach consumers.

At Textdrip, we help you reach potential consumers through the right SMS tools and powerful  SMS marketing campaign ideas. With Textdrip, you can set up automated messages, two-way messaging, bulk texting, etc., and expect quick responses from your consumers.

So, what are you waiting for? Without giving it a second thought, try Textdrip and turn your visitors into your loyal consumers.


An SMS marketing campaign consists of promotional messages that are sent to prospects to advertise products, drive more sales, or establish a solid brand reputation.

Take consent from consumers before sending messages. Keep messages relevant, personalized, short, and simple. Send messages at the right time and use an automated SMS campaign whenever required. Never forget to include CTA and keep it simple to opt-out anytime.

You need to take consent before sending the message. After that, include a proper introduction, including brand name, contact details, and the purpose of sending a message. Also, include analytics to measure how well your campaign is performing.

You can use an online messaging platform, Textdrip, to create a successful marketing campaign. All you need to remember is your campaign's goal and the type of response you expect from your subscribers. 

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