Schedule Your Messages

Schedule your important SMS conversations, appointments, event reminders, etc. in advance and let the Textdrip take care of the rest.

What is Message Scheduling?

Scheduling text messages is the process of planning and automating key client conversions like meeting reminders in advance for hassle-free messaging.

Get this essential feature to automate your important messages at one single price and schedule all your marketing and time-sensitive texts to send at predetermined times.


Benefits of Message Scheduling Feature

Here’s why scheduling your essential messages using Textdrip is effective and simple and offers several benefits as listed below:

High Flexibility

Flexibility to schedule messages using Textdrip’s SMS automation software and free yourself from the hassle.

Automate Your Messaging

Automate your SMS campaigns with message scheduling and increase the show-up rate for your events/appointments.

Message Personalization

With the help of our SMS marketing tool, you can schedule personalized messages that increase sales opportunities.

Why Use Textdrip for Schedule Messages

The following are a few reasons why use Textdrip for message scheduling:



Textdrip is a 10 DLC-COMPLIANT tool with features that help improve your messaging ecosystem, increase SMS deliverability, reduce spam, and enhance security.

Where to Use Message Scheduling

Textdrip’s message scheduling can be used in various scenarios to streamline your business communications and improve efficiency. Here are a few ways to use this feature:

Schedule Reminders

Textdrip empowers you to schedule and send reminders for upcoming events or appointments a couple of days in advance to increase user show-up rates.

Schedule Time-Sensitive Updates

Message scheduling functionality is handy when you want to send time-sensitive updates or important announcements at specific, predetermined times.

Schedule Seasonal or Holiday Texts

Schedule seasonal greetings or promotional messages during holidays or special occasions well in advance without the need for manual intervention.

Schedule Marketing Messages

Plan and execute marketing campaigns for your business to ensure that your messages are sent at specific times before your promotions expire and get maximum impact.


1. Can I schedule a text message?
Yes, using Textdrip’s SMS automation tool, you can schedule your text messages in advance with ease. Experience all the functionalities including message scheduling with a one-month free trial, plus 1000 free complimentary credits to get started with Textdrip for scheduling text messages.

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