What Makes a Good Marketing Message


11 October 2022


Dhimant Vyas

In business, even a top-tier product or service will not succeed without marketing. SMS text messaging offers unique advantages for that marketing mission. Gaining a keen understanding of what makes a good marketing message will give your business an enduring competitive edge.

The Basics of a Good Marketing Message

Step one for a good marketing text message is deliverability. Text message carriers are vigilant and will block spam messages. Making this hurdle even higher, the carriers do not publish a list of spam words and phrases.

Instead, artificial intelligence algorithms scan every message and maintain an ever-evolving block list. Textdrip’s message testing tool reduces your risk of carrier rejections. Compose your message, and learn within seconds if you meet carrier standards. If you see the “Message rejected” warning, edit your text and try again without incurring any costs.

Why Character Counts Matter

Spam words aren’t the only obstacle between you and your customer. The length of your message also plays a role, with longer messages hiking your chances for carrier refusals. When messages exceed 160 characters, carriers break your text into segments and often transmit these fragments in reverse order.

TextDrip’s message testing tool displays a running character count, allowing you to head off this unwanted segmenting. Be aware that emojis and special characters require extra data, thus including an emoji in a text reduces your limit from 160 to 70 characters.

Personalization’s Role in What Makes a Good Marketing Message

When you transmit a text to a customer, your message intermingles with texts from friends and family. As a marketer, any steps you take toward adding a personal touch to your messages will help you gain and retain customers. Nonetheless, customizing messages costs time.

Finding the sweet spot between efficiency and personalization is a conundrum. Textdrip includes two features that make time-efficient message personalization a snap.

Quick Response

Textdrip’s Quick Response feature allows you to build an archive of prepared replies, saving typing time. When a customer answers back to a text in your drip campaign, one tap on the Quick Response tab lists your canned replies. If one of your prepared messages meets the customer’s need, tap “Send” and reply.

What if your customer posed a question for more info? Quick Response’s edit field allows you to add the needed fact to a prepared reply. The result embodies professionalism with a personal touch.

You can also use Quick Response when building new drip campaigns. With a few taps, you can re-purpose successful customer interactions from other channels and integrate them into your automated texts. This way, you never have to start from scratch – just edit, tweak, and hit “Send.”Notes

All of your leads and customers have unique needs. Keeping track of those needs is vital for your business. Textdrip’s Notes feature streamlines that task. By saving unique customer-specific info in Textdrip’s Notes field, you can make highly personalized responses without time-consuming switches to your customer relations management software.

For example, you can track:

  • The product each lead is interested in
  • Concerns or hesitations they have about your product
  • Payment information
  • Customers’ birthdays
  • And more!

When you save this type of information in Textdrip’s Notes, you can quickly and easily reference it later. No more flipping through CRM software to find the right customer info – it’s all saved conveniently in one place.

Why Textdrip Is an Essential Marketing Tool

Along with gaining command of what makes a good marketing message, your business needs the right tool: Textdrip. Flexible, capable, and affordable,

Textdrip puts effective SMS marketing in reach for businesses of all sizes. Best of all, Textdrip never stands still; we’re constantly adding customer-requested features. Check out Textdrip’s power, and level up your marketing today.

Dhimant Vyas

As a Marketing Manager, Dhimant takes a strategic approach to orchestrating compelling marketing campaigns to bolster brand visibility. Read More

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