Top 5 Insurance Marketing Tools That Agents Should Use


28 February 2024


Dhaval Gajjar

Marketing tools are essential for insurance agents to reach out and communicate with their prospects and convert them into clients. The majority of insurance agents are busy with their schedules and simply don’t have time to pay heed to their marketing.

Fortunately for them, there are insurance marketing tools that streamline the process of marketing and promotional activities for your insurance agency. Adorned with these tools, you can even automate your marketing communication with your prospects.

This article provides you with a curated list of marketing tools for insurance agents to turn your leads into customers. But before we get into that, let’s understand why marketing tools are important:

Why Should Insurance Agents Use Marketing Tools?

Marketing tools play an integral role for insurance agents to promote their insurance services and plans to their prospects and generate sales for their agency and earn high commissions. Insurance agents need to be on top of their communication and attract more leads through their marketing endeavors.

That’s where the marketing tools become more essential to help you improve your relationship with clients and streamline the insurance purchase process. When those prospects turn into premium paying clients and ultimately advocate for your agency, they bring referrals and drive more customers.

5 Best Marketing Tools for Insurance Agents

While you may have several marketing ideas on how to get more clients, you’ll need tools to execute those ideas. Here’s a curated list of insurance marketing tools you can use:

1. Multi-channel Communication Tools

Do you often have to call or text your clients? Multi-channel communication tools like Textdrip help you meet your text messaging or calling requirements at a cost-effective price and get more ROI. It allows you to send promotional text, share information on insurance plans, send reminders, schedule appointments, and do much more.

Instead of using multiple tools for calling or texting, insurance agents can use one single tool for effective marketing communication. Using Textdrip, insurance agents can keep track of their client interactions and communicate instantly through text messaging or calling.

What’s more, you can automate text insurance communication with your clients using features such as drip campaigns, message scheduling, auto-lead distribution, and others. Also, it includes AI capabilities to help you in AI message generation and paraphrase your text with Spintext.


  • Easy-to-use marketing communication tool

  • Unlimited contact upload and unlimited drip campaigns

  • Use multiple numbers or add multiple agent profiles

  • Higher messaging throughput and highest messaging deliverability

  • 3rd-party integration with Zapier and others for automation workflow

  • Exceptional customer support

  • Calling suite for instant reach to your clients


  • Unavailability of short code numbers, only 10 digital long code numbers

  • Text-to-join is not available, but AI-based intent detection and classification is


Textdrip offers a 1-month free trial with 1000 complimentary credits to send up to 1000 text messages of 160 characters or call your prospects with the same credits. After that, each text message costs $0.012 and the cost for each minute of call is $0.012. Once the trial period ends, you’ll continue on the $34.99 subscription plan.

2. Digital Marketing Tools

The digital world now requires insurance agents and businesses to adapt to modern digital marketing tactics to increase their web presence and attract new customers. To do so, you first need to develop your own website, research and find relevant keywords, and publish content that builds authority for your insurance brand.

Apart from the website, you should also use social media platforms to increase your social presence, build backlinks, create and publish quality content, and implement Chatbot on the website. Chatbots are another essential tool to assist users through your website or provide them with insurance information in real-time.

While you do all these activities to increase your online presence, you’ll also need tools for monitoring and measuring your efforts. Google Analytics and Search Console help track website traffic and ranking of your website content. Also, most social media tools have built-in analytics tools for measurement.

Additionally, you can use Ahrefs or SEMrush for web analytics, SEO audit, backlink analysis, and optimization needs. Google Ads is another tool you can use to run video ads, display ads, search ads, and others to increase your insurance agency’s digital presence.

3. Local Marketing Tools

While the website and social media will help increase your digital presence, local marketing tools help increase your online presence in your city and neighborhood areas. Google Business Profile is the first tool you should use to establish your local presence for your insurance agency.

This insurance marketing tool helps you appear in the local Google Map Pack to the people who make local searches in the area. You can also use the following tools to increase your local presence:

However, ensure that your Name, Address, and Phone Number on all your local citations are the same and free from any errors. Also, get reviews from your past insurance clients and update information such as your website, services, profile category, pictures, and operational hours.

4. Growth Expansion Tools

Growth expansion and marketing tools are intended to help your insurance business grow beyond traditional means. Growth marketing is consumer-centric and evidence-based with a focus on long-term success in mind. It paves the way for sustained growth and involves experimenting and innovating with your marketing campaigns.

Growth marketing involves:

  • Full-funnel content marketing

  • Community building

  • Referral & affiliate marketing

  • Influencer marketing

  • And others

Insurance agents can use these strategies and tools to implement growth marketing for their insurance business. The growth tactics and tools outlined here require constantly collecting data and refining your insurance marketing approach.

5. CRM and Agency Management Tools

CRM and agency management tools are important marketing tools for insurance agents to manage and organize their client data. CRM allows you to track communication with your clients, store essential data, and set up future interactions.

Agency management software simplifies insurance workflows, secures data, and assists insurance agents in their day-to-day administrative tasks. Look for tools that offer features such as policy renewal tracking, document storing, quoting, and integration with other communication marketing tools like Textdrip.

Since data is key to making informed marketing decisions, CRMs and agency management tools help you utilize those data consciously and build better relationships with your customers. This data helps you nurture your prospects and offer a better customer service experience for a smoother insurance purchase process.

Here are some tool recommendations for customer relationship management and agency management:

Make the Most Out of Insurance Marketing Tools

When choosing insurance marketing needs, make sure that they offer the needed functionalities and features to take care of different aspects. Also, get the hang of these tools to make the most out of each insurance agent marketing tool you choose.

Want to streamline communication with your clients? Textdrip is a multi-channel communication platform that helps you take care of text messaging and calling needs. Start your Upto 30 Days free trial today and get Upto 2500 complimentary credits to send up to 1000 text messages of 160 characters or 1000 minutes of calling.

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