Easy Ways to Boost Your SMS Deliverability Rate


15 November 2022


Dhaval Gajjar

If you're like most people, you probably don't think too much about your SMS deliverability rate. After all, what is there to think about? As long as your texts are getting through, everything is fine, right?


Your SMS deliverability rate is actually a very important metric to keep track of. If your texts are consistently getting blocked or going to spam folders, it's going to have a negative impact on your business.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to boost your SMS deliverability rate. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that more of your texts get through and make a positive impression on your customers.

How to Boost Your SMS Deliverability Rate

1. Register for 10DLC

One of the best ways to boost your SMS deliverability rate is to register your business with 10DLC. 10DLC stands for 10-digit long code, also referred to as a commercial long code. It relates to A2P messaging (Application-to-Person messaging), which allows the sending of mobile messages from an application, such as Textdrip, to a mobile user.

10DLC was designed to replace shared shortcodes which are no longer supported by most major phone carriers. In a nutshell, it means receiving a text message from a local phone number that is not sent from someone’s mobile device but rather from a business.

It is a type of long code that's registered with carriers to support high-volume clusters. This means that businesses can send large quantities of text messages without running into any delivery issues. 

Registering your business with 10DLC is 100% free, takes less than five minutes, and will instantly increase your deliverability by 20%! Not sure how to get started with 10DLC Registration? It only requires you to register your business (Watch here for a step-by-step walkthrough), and Textdrip handles the rest! This free and simple 3-minute process will take your business to new heights! 

2. Use an SMS Marketing service

If you're not using an SMS Marketing service, you should be. Choosing the right SMS Marketing service is important because not all platforms are created equally. When you are linked with a good SMS Marketing service, you will have the advantage of your texts automatically being delivered quickly and reliably.

These platforms also provide valuable features like advanced message scheduling, automation, mass texting, pipelines, tags, advanced filter searching, drip messaging, live delivery reports, and more!

In addition to helping boost your delivery rate, SMS marketing platforms allow you to automate the entire outreach process, not only making your job easier but also boosting your productivity. SMS Marketing platforms are the definition of “Working Smarter and not Harder!”

Sign-up here for a free walk-through on how SMS Marketing works. You’ll be surprised at what you’re missing! 

3. Avoid using common spam words

There are certain words and phrases that are commonly used in spam texts. These include "health advisor", "PPO", "Open Enrollment", "Reply YES for a quote", "free," "win", and "congratulations", just to name a few. If you use these words in your texts, there's a good chance they'll be caught by spam filters.

To avoid this, take a look at your text messages before you send them, and make sure they don't contain any common spam words.

In addition to common spam words, there are also certain text formatting techniques that can trigger spam filters. For example, using all capital letters or excessive punctuation in your texts can make them look like spam. So, it's important to avoid these formatting techniques as well.

Also, keep in mind that other content in your texts can also trigger spam filters. If you're sending a text that contains nothing but links, for example, it's likely to be caught by a spam filter.

So, make sure your texts contain some actual content – not just links. As a matter of fact, it's a good rule of thumb to eliminate links from your messaging totally, if possible.

4. Use personalization

Personalized texts are more likely to get through than generic ones. When you include the recipient's name or other personal information in your message, it shows that you're not just sending out a mass spam text. This can help to improve your deliverability and also make your customers feel more valued.

On the other hand, it's best to avoid including your name in every message that you send out. Doing this can make you sound robotic and it's likely to turn customers off and get caught in a spam filter.

5. Keep your messages short and sweet

 Long messages are more likely to get caught in spam filters. So, if you want to improve your deliverability rate, make sure to keep your texts short and to the point. A good rule of thumb is to keep each initial message around 100 characters or less. Approach your leads naturally and keep a conversational tone.

Leads are more likely to respond positively to a warm, natural message than to a formal one. So, ditch the corporate speech and write as you would to a friend. It's also important to make sure your messages are clear and concise.

Be direct and avoid using jargon or technical terms that your leads may not understand. A good example of a short, clear message is "Hey, I saw you were interested in our product. I wanted to reach out and see if you had any questions." or "Hi, I'm just following up to see if you're still interested in our product."

This alone will set you apart from the majority of businesses that send out long, formal messages that sound like they came from a machine. So, keep it short, sweet, and human, and you'll be on your way to success!

 6. Opt-in your contacts

If you want to make sure that your texts are getting through, you need to opt-in your contacts. This means that they need to explicitly agree to receive texts from you. You can do this by having them reply to a confirmation message or by providing a link on your website where they can opt-in.

Opt-in is important because it ensures that people actually want to receive your texts. This way, you'll avoid annoying people and you'll be more likely to get your message across.

More importantly, there are laws in place that require you to get explicit permission from people before sending them marketing messages. So, if you're not opting in your leads, you could be breaking the law. So, make sure that you get explicit permission from your contacts before sending them any text messages.

Final Words

By following these simple tips, you can improve your SMS deliverability rate and make sure that more of your texts get through. So, don't wait any longer, start implementing these changes today!

Dhaval Gajjar

As the CTO of Textdrip, Dhaval leads the product development team and is determined to bring innovation through Textdrip products. Read More

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