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Marketing to your customers has never been easier with
Import Contacts
Import csv file, select name, phone number, email address, and other details, or add contacts individually with the built in contact manager.
Setup Scheduled Drips
Set it up to automatically drip messages for you or respond individually with the click of a button using quick responses.
Drip Campaigns
Drip Campaigns are a set of predefined SMS messages that go out based on specific times set by you. There is no need to manually write each SMS, when they can be setup and dripped to your contact. Use our smart merge fields to personalize your SMS Drips, and much more.
Conversational Messaging
View previous conversations and messages from a easy to use text messaging interface on your computer or phone.

We make things better

Choosing the best SMS marketing service for your business with so much potential is important. That is why we developed Textdrip. We understand how important it is to reach your customers with concise, professional, and effective communication. With so much at stake, Textdrip came up with a different solution to resolve your problems. We developed a number of features that can help you attract and maintain customers, allowing you to connect with more leads and encouraging greater engagement.

Texting through Textdrip is the most direct and successful way to reach your customers, promising you higher deliverability resulting in higher response rates, more immediate engagement and more potential sales. Significantly more personal than other forms of communication, Textdrip SMS marketing is your best bet if your primary goal is to communicate directly with consumers.

Our Great Team

At Textdrip, our team members are hardworking and dedicated to providing quality service.
Whether you need help with a project or want to chat for clarification, we're here for you.
Phil Portman
Founder & CEO
TJ Gaushas
Chief Operations Officer
Dhaval Gajjar
Chief Technology Officer
Andy Vannorstrand
Customer Success Manager
Marvie Monteroso
Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Angel Sison Jr.
Customer Service Manager

Simple pricing for everyone

* Pricing per outbound text segment (a text segment is 160 standard or 70 if the message contains special characters)

Our system is based on credits, each credit is worth $0.012

**one phone number is included with base plan


Bill will automatically recharge if credits fall below 500.
+ $34.99/month for Phone number
$0.012 Per SMS Text Segment
FREE Inbound Message
Start Your 7 Day Free Trial


Bill will automatically recharge if credits fall below 500.
+ $34.99/month for Phone number
$0.06 Per MMS Text Segment
FREE Inbound Message
Start Your 7 Day Free Trial


Bill will automatically recharge if credits fall below 500.
+ $34.99/month for Phone number
$0.012 Per Minute
Minimum 1 Minute
Coming Soon!

What Our Clients Say

We know that we offer the best SMS marketing service, but don't take our word for it.
Our clients love how easy our features are to use and the increased engagement they have with their customers.
They also have some pretty nice things to say about our customer service, so you know you can count on our support at every step of the way.
This app is a game changer. Its changed my total business experience I'm now able to chat with clients without having to give up my personal cell. it very well made and easy to use. Very little bugs and when there are bugs the company resolves the problem quick.
Textdrip ensures that I do not miss out on follow-ups, and makes sure that I send out my day 1, 2 and 3. It also integrates information from my CRM which allows me to send out texts with just the click of a button. Definitely worth the investment!
I recommend Textdrip to anyone trying to grow their business, and reach new clients! It is by far the best platform that I have used, and the customer support is the best out of any platform or company I have ever dealt with!


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Textdrip credits are purchased through an automatic "top-up" method.

You will get 1,000 to start with. Each message segment sent will deduct 1 credit from your account. Once your credits drop below 500, you will be automatically charged $40 and 3,333 credits will be added to your account

If a Text message exceeds 160 characters it is then calculated by the carriers at 153 characters per segment being sent and charged 1 credit for every 153 characters

Using emojis
Allowed up to 70 characters per message segment. If it exceeds 70 characters it is calculated by the carriers at 67 characters per segment.

Unfortunately, we don't offer multiple phone numbers since this will violate carrier terms under 10dlc.

Multiple phone numbers that send the same or similar messaging is called snowshoeing, which will result in carrier violations that will block your number.

You will receive one phone number but it is backed by the best deliverability in the industry.

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