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As an alternative to Zipwhip, Textdrip includes all the necessary features, plus many more that can help you streamline your business communications. Check out what we offer:

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SMS automation features like schedule messaging, drip campaigns, Bucket, quick response and others help engage with your leads on automate and free yourself from the hassle of manually sending messages to each prospect. Here’s how you can use it:
  • Create automated workflows
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Send bulk text messages
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Send order confirmations
  • Save time by sending pre-written texts
Most Zipwhip replacement tools don’t offer SMS outreach scaling features such as adding multiple numbers and onboarding your team of sales heroes. With Textdrip, you can easily scale your outreach with multi-number and multi-profile features. Here’s how:
  • Distribute the workload to different users/numbers
  • Send location-based personalized text messages
  • Assign different roles to different users/numbers
  • Segment new leads while importing for better targeting
  • Send bulk texts to leads through new users/numbe
  • A/B test your messaging text, tone, CTA, etc.
Textdrip enables you to personalize your text messages for enhanced engagement and interaction. Use emojis, images, and others to send MMS messages. You can also interact with your prospects through two-way text messaging. Here’s how:
  • Use merge fields to add personalization to your texts
  • Improve your customer support & service experience
  • Have 1-on-1 interactions with your prospects
  • Nurture your leads & encourage them to text back
  • Attach images, GIFs, and emojis for high engagement
  • Send special offers, discounts, or exclusive deals
Textdrip takes care of your needs to capture leads and distribute them through its Page Builder, Bucket, and Lead Distro. Collect information about your leads and seek their permission to send messages.
  • Create a specialized page to collect data on your prospects
  • Segment your new prospects smartly with Bucket
  • Prioritize your lists of leads based on the attention required
  • Send relevant content to segmented prospects for high engagement
  • Distribute leads based on the funnel stage they belong to
Textdrip includes a range of cool integrations that improve your productivity and boost your automation workflow. We are the pioneer in offering AI tools for text generation and text paraphrasing, allowing us to leverage the AI trend.
  • Webhooks by Zapier integration to create automation workflows
  • AI Text Generator to generate different variations of text input
  • Integration with Landline Remover for DNC check & remove invalid numbers
  • Spintext tool integration to paraphrase texts to maintain originality
  • Integrate the Argos Automation tool to automate your business
Textdrip is one of the earliest 10 DLC-compliant tools offering improved messaging ecosystem. Don’t let other non-compliant or partially compliant tools hinder your growth and safely communicate with your subscribers without carriers blocking your messages.
  • Approved Application 2 Person (A2P) messaging tool
  • Lower price per text message compared to other messaging tools
  • Auto opt-out when users type STOP, DNC, unsubscriber, etc.
  • High messaging throughput for enhanced deliverability
  • Spam score detection for each violation & tools to resolve
  • All the support and help required for The Campaign Registry